Triple the Speed

Being an ALLO residential customer just got even better, three times better in fact. Effective immediately, we’ve tripled our standard internet speed from 100Mbps to 300Mbps for all residential customers. Not just new residential customers, all residential customers. So you get triple the speed for the same price with no gimmicks, no limits, no kidding….

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ALLO for Education: Year 4

We just completed our fourth year of giving to schools in our communities through our ALLO for Education referral program. Over the last four summers we have reached out in our communities and encouraged people to experience the fiber difference. By joining ALLO, we gave new customers the chance to designate a school of their…

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Lincoln Calling 2017

ALLO was the presenting sponsor at this year’s Lincoln Calling Festival. We love being able to invest in our communities and help make incredible events like Lincoln Calling happen. Being local and involved are values that resonate company-wide so it’s no surprise we had quite a few employees attend the festival. One such ALLO music-lover was…

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Keeping Fiber in the Family

You may remember Bill as the guy who once skied to work in a blizzard. His “get it done” attitude has served him well in his many years with our fiber family. Lucky for us and for our customers, Bill is also a part-time ALLO talent recruiter. And by part-time, we mean that one time…

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Get to Know ALLO: Human Resources

We may be a little biased but we’re pretty sure we work with some of the best people on the planet. If you’ve been following our department series, most of our employees find a new way to say just that about their fellow coworkers at ALLO. So how do we get such amazing people to…

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Get to Know ALLO: Fiber Design

The last time we checked in with an ALLO department, we covered network design, which is kind of like explaining the advanced mathematical theories behind what makes us awesome.  This time we’re tackling fiber design, which is like the blackboard and chalk to network design, the physical tools we need to make the calculations possible….

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Get to Know ALLO: Network Design

Many of our ALLO customers get to meet and interact with several of our fiber teams including the front office, customer support, technical support, and our installation and troubleshooting teams. That’s a lot of face time with a variety of fiber experts and you might think that would cover it. Actually there’s a long list…

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Understanding Wireless Device Strength

Our technicians and support team often throw out terms like “wireless interference” and “channel congestion” and “big red showdown.” Except for that last one, it can be a little confusing. We live in a fiber focused world and it’s easy to forget that not everyone shares our enthusiastic obsession with all things tech. So let’s…

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Happy ALLOversary Linda!

Some of the most frequently used sentences at ALLO include the name Linda. “Linda I need your help!” “Linda will know how to fix it!” “Linda can help you!” “Thanks for your help Linda!”  Linda has become a famous ALLO problem solver and we’re thrilled to be celebrating her six year ALLOversary! In 1997, Linda…

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