ALLO Fiber Internet, TV, & Phone

North Platte, NE

ALLO offers 100% fiber-to-the-home internet, TV, & phone service options in North Platte. No more buffering. No more lag. Just crazy fast internet and crystal-clear TV and phone.

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It Doesn’t Get Better Than ALLO in North Platte.

ALLO offers 100% fiber-to-the-home internet, TV, & phone service options in North Platte. How do we do it? Our 100% fiber optic network that we bring directly to your home or business. No more buffering. No more lag. And our customers rave about us.

ALLO has been voted North Platte’s #1 internet provider by readers of the North Platte Telegraph for the last ten years in a row. We’ve also earned #1 awards for customer service and cable provider. We aim to earn our customer’s business every single day; to do that we know it’s about more than just fast internet, it’s about exceptional, local 24/7 support from a business whose roots are right here in Nebraska.

Great News, Lake Maloney!

We've flipped the ALLO fiber switch and we're installing service now at Lake Maloney! Build your custom package and schedule an installation appointment now.

Five years in a row, ALLO has been voted the #1 Best Internet and Cable Provider in North Platte by the readers of the North Platte Telegraph.

ALLO Store

Hours: 8AM - 5PM | Monday - Friday
Location: 702 East Francis Street


Sales: 308.221.6300 | Support: 308.532.1400


Sales: 308.221.6060 | Support: 308.532.7300

Celebrating 20 Years.

Celebrating 20 Years.

Honest, Local, Exceptional, Hassle-Free

The last 20 years moved at the speed of light, literally. Since 2003, we’ve been providing meaningful connections by creating and serving gigabit communities. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without our dedicated team members and loyal customers.

We look forward to continuing future-proofing fiberhoods and participating in local events!

Our fiber light shines brighter because of you, thank you.

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Fiber Internet

There is nothing like ALLO’s 100% fiber internet delivered right to your home. You get consistent, secure connections with symmetrical (upload/download) speeds starting at 500 Mbps. That’s enough to download a full HD movie in less than two minutes.

Consistently Fast Internet

Get upload and download speeds from our standard 500 Mbps to our crazy fast 1 GIG.

No Buffering

You won’t experience any service interruptions—whether you’re streaming 4K movies, using video chat, playing games over the internet, or doing all of them at the same time.

Connect 250+ Devices Simultaneously

With our FREE Blast router, your entire family can connect all of their devices without losing speed or service. Powered by Wi-Fi 6, this next generation of technology provides stronger edge-to-edge coverage with the seamless continuity of signal and speed through out your home.

FREE Installation

Unlike most companies, we don’t charge you to get our service up and running.


The ALLO IQ App provides ALLO internet customers with an easy to use tool for managing basic features on their Wi-Fi network, like SSID and password management, guest network management, Wi-Fi restrictions, and bandwidth testing.

The ALLO Fiber Internet Difference

  • Our 100% fiber network is brought directly to your home
  • Speeds starting at 500 Mbps
  • FREE wireless router
  • No data limits

Fiber Internet Options

500 Mbps
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Fiber TV

The best picture quality available. More than a hundred standard channels. Uninterrupted service. Get all of this and much more with ALLO Fiber TV.

Restart TV

Rewind and watch the last four hours of live programming on our most popular channels. Enjoy over 100 channels of Restart TV included FREE with our DVR service.

110 Basic Channels

You don’t need to give anything up to get a crystal-clear TV picture. And our basic package includes Big Ten Network, ESPN and Golf Channel.

Wireless Set-Top Boxes

Without cable, you can watch TV anywhere in your home—even on your patio or in your garage. Each box is only $6/month, including tax.

Whole Home DVR

Record up to four programs simultaneously and watch recorded programs from any TV in your house.

The ALLO Fiber TV Difference

  • Instant channel change with no lag
  • Stream more than 80 channels from your desktop or mobile device (including the Big Ten Network)
  • Up to 450 hours of DVR storage
  • Try our Whole Home DVR and get $50 off your first bill
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Fiber TV Options

20+ Channels
100+ Channels
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Fiber Phone

Why switch phone service to ALLO? Because your current service can’t offer the crystal-clear quality of our 100% fiber network. Plus, you get great rates and free features without signing any contracts.

Crystal-Clear Sound

No other provider can offer the quality of our fiber network.

Robocall Blocking

This feature blocks incoming phone calls that use a computerized autodialer to deliver a pre-recorded message, as if from a robot.

Advanced Features for Free

With ALLO, you won’t pay extra for call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID or voicemail.

The ALLO Fiber Phone Difference

  • Keep your current phone number
  • Unlimited long distance in the continental U.S.*

Fiber Phone Options

long distance in the continental U.S.
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