Company Overview and History

ALLO was formed in Imperial, Nebraska in 2003 from a realization that we deserved more from our communications providers. Our first customers were our neighbors, but our network is rapidly expanding. ALLO provides fiber-optic communications and entertainment services including broadband internet, phone, and TV with honest customer service for businesses and homes.

ALLO Leadership

Brad Moline

Brad Moline, President

Brad built his career developing public and private companies, which has given him a strong understanding of business and finance knowledge, and served him well in his current role as president of ALLO.

Jeff Kuenne

Jeff Kuenne, Executive Vice President of Network Operations

Jeff oversees network design and implementation for ALLO as the executive vice president of network operations. Jeff is an accomplished engineer and has over two decades of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Allison O'Neil

Allison O'Neil, Vice President of Customer Operations

Allison oversees every aspect of the customer experience and strives to maintain our culture as a customer-focused business. Allison built a strong background as a financial analyst in Kansas City with GilmoreBell before returning home to Imperial to join ALLO in 2004 .

ALLO's Superior Fiber-Optic Technology

Fiber technology has revolutionized the way we connect our homes and businesses. ALLO's glass-cored fiber cables can literally move data at the speed of light, making them the latest and greatest technology. Our fiber connects directly to your home or business for up to 1 GIG of incredibly fast, fiber-optic cable -- the most modern connection available on the market. ALLO technology powers our internet, TV, and phone services.

ALLO Mentions

Our fiber technology is the talk of the town. Check out our press mentions to see what ALLO is up to lately.

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