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Every business has different needs, and we pride ourselves on working with you to find the right solutions at the right price. Our cost-efficient services and industry-leading technology will put you ahead of the curve. Contact us today and we’ll get started creating a personalized package for you.

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Fiber is changing the way Buckley & Sitzman, LLP handles their business.

It's time to stop buffering around and join our all-fiber network. You'll love our speed, service, and benefits.

Business Internet and Metro Ethernet

Experience the reliability and rapid performance of fiber.

Our business internet service offers unparalleled speeds and dependable connections that save your organization time, money, and frustration. We offer synchronous speeds of 55Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1 GIG.

Our dependable, redundant connections minimize latency and jitter, while providing you with service you can count on.

With Metro Ethernet you can easily and seamlessly connect your employees no matter where they are, while counting on our secure, Layer 2 connections.

As more of your business utilizes the cloud, ALLO’s upload speeds will increase your efficiency and productivity.

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Business Phone and Hosted PBX

Comprehensive products at competitive prices.

Our reliable service connects to your existing phone system, plus lets you keep all of your existing numbers.

Whether you have standard phone lines, T1’s, PRIs, SIP trunks or any other telephone services, we offer a superior solution and fiber connections complete with varying trunking options and a comprehensive feature set.

Our local sales representatives will meet with you to create your customized plan and provide a quote to give you the optimal solution for your needs.

Our hosted PBX systems have feature-rich solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. You’ll save by eliminating any large, upfront investments in equipment or unnecessary lines, all while experiencing the scalability of our virtual system.

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Business TV

Add ALLO Digital TV Services To Your Business Today

We offer over 110 channels, helping you find the content you want for your business’s needs. Combine that with our customizable packages and local customer service and you’ll benefit from an outstanding customer experience.

Add the freedom from clutter that comes with our Wireless TV Boxes plus our easy on screen controls, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

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