It’s 6 PM on a Wednesday in Lincoln, Nebraska. The summer heat is beginning to thicken, and residents would love nothing more than a cool breeze and a tasty drink. There’s buzz about a free concert. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to cut loose to break up the mid-week slump? Lincolnites start lining up their lawn chairs on the ALLO patio, eager with anticipation for the kickoff of the Summer Concert Series. The stage is set. Tap, tap, goes the drums. “Testing. Testing 1,2.” Grab the drinks, and a snack or two; it’s showtime!

Behind the scenes, ALLO’s Marketing Public Relations, Events, and Sales Team are high-fiving to celebrate a job well done.

Community. Connection. Spark. That’s what working on this team is about. They love the hustle and bustle of building relationships with residents and businesses in the communities we serve. One day they are in the office planning for the next local event. The next day they’re hitting the road to ensure each fiberhood we serve knows we care about being involved.

“My favorite thing about my job is that it never feels like work. I’m constantly on the go, talking to people, and having fun,” Sophie said. “I struck gold when it comes to my job and the team I get to work with.”

We hit the jackpot, too, when we hired her and the other hardworking members of this team. Let’s meet a few of them!

Abel – Arizona

Tell us about the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

It’s actually every time the public thinks we’re a digestive drink for FIBER instead of fiber optics!

What’s been your favorite event to get involved in so far?

It would have to be our Good Morning Yuma, Arizona event. Every local city official and business was present, and we had the awesome opportunity of being the title sponsor. By the end of that meeting, every person knew who ALLO was and where we’re headed.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of ALLO.

I’m a campus pastor here in town. Being a dad is a full-time job with three amazing boys, and besides that being a full-time husband as well. We travel twice a year and try and go out at least one weekend a month somewhere nearby or hours away.

Ryan – Colorado

How does what you do live out ALLO’s core values?

I get to show off how we’re local. I love the Greeley community and have lived here for 27 years. Our ability we have at ALLO to partner with local organizations is incredibly powerful.

What has been your favorite event to get involved in so far?

The Colorado Dance Collective’s Hip Hop Madness. Through our sponsorship with this local nonprofit, 150 kids participated in an all-day dance clinic. Then, they showed off their new skills to the community that evening at a performance.

What do you love most about what you do each day?

The variety of people I get to meet and interact with while sharing the ALLO love.

Sophie – Nebraska

What’s been your favorite event to get involved in so far?

My favorite event would have to be the Nebraska Greats Event we did with a few of the University of Nebraska volleyball players. I loved this event because it tied in my PR/Events role with my Name, Image, and Likeness coordinator duties. It was so fun to get to meet the players and visit with Nebraska volleyball fans!

What is something unique about you (a fun fact) that few people know?

I am a chronic sleep talker. I’ve been known to say the craziest stuff in my sleep! I used to have an app that would record everything I would say during the night. Apparently, I talk about my love for pizza quite often when I’m asleep.

What types of events do we love participating in?

There’s a wide variety of events that ALLO participates in! Primarily, we like to stick to events that are geared toward technology, education, business-to-business relationships, and the arts! We’ve made it a goal for 2023 to have 70% of our events be in-person, so definitely expect to see all our faces around this summer!


If you see any of these hardworking ALLO fiber fam members at the Lincoln Summer Concert Series or the next community gathering in your town, be sure to say ALLO. Do you have an idea about another way we can get involved? If so, shoot us the details at [email protected]. Our Marketing Events, Public Relations, and Sales Team would love to chat with you!