If someone asked you what the Inside Sales Team at ALLO does, you would probably say they sell internet, TV, and phone service. What you wouldn’t expect is a team devoted to being your advocate.

Picture this: It’s early Friday morning. You’re scrambling to get the kids fed, dressed, and ready for school and trying to make yourself presentable for your interview this afternoon.

After the kids are settled, you are anxiously going over possible interview answers in your head. You finally feel ready for the day when suddenly the internet goes out. You frantically call your coax internet provider to fix your connection only to be told someone can’t come out until Monday.

Your mind starts racing. You panic. “What am I going to do? I need this fixed today!” An idea pops into your mind, “I’ve heard great things about ALLO. I will give them a call.” You dial the number, and Abby answers the phone. You explain your situation fearing the inevitable when Abby asks if she can put you on hold. As the hold music drones on, dread takes over because you doubt anyone can help because it’s so short notice. The hold music stops. It’s Abby again. “Thank you for holding. I spoke with our team and we will have someone out there today to get the internet connected for your interview.” Abby is one of our dedicated Inside Sales team members and that was a real conversation with a customer.

Shocked? We don’t think you should be.

“Our job description doesn’t define us — we have the ‘One ALLO’ mentality and go above and beyond when possible,” says Lindsey, Inside Sales Supervisor.

This is how each of our Inside Sales team members approaches customers. They educate the public about the difference of fiber and help those interested sign up for service but not in the pushy way you might get from the ‘other guys.’ There are no temporary price deals or aggressive sales gimmicks. No ‘do anything to get the sale’ approach. Instead, they have real conversations that include listening to your needs.

So, who are some of these friendly, local people?

Lindsey, Inside Sales Supervisor

Q: What did you want to be when you grew up?

A: “I wanted to help people, I didn’t really know what that looked like or where I wanted to work but I found a place here at ALLO that fulfills this.”

Lindsey enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Daniel, when she isn’t offering a helpful smile at ALLO. They love grabbing a bite at Wings and Rings and watching sports.













Kayle, Inside Sales Rep II

Q: What hidden talent do you have that helps at work?

A: “I’m a part-time comedian.”

Kayle wanted to play football in the NFL. Now, he uses that passion for the sport to coach the ALLO Football team. Recently, he gave them a pep talk before their last game of the season.















Laurie, Inside Sales Rep II

Q: Why did you want to work at ALLO?

A: I was ready to get back after taking a break for six months after I had my second child. I heard this was a good place to work with great people and a great environment. The real question is who would not want to work here?

Laurie visits with family whenever she can and enjoys the comfort of chatting with her aunts and cousins. Pictured to the left is a trip Laurie took with her family at Carhenge near Alliance, NE. From left to right cousin Tania, Laurie’s daughter Adelyn, Tania’s daughter Tanyeli, and Laurie. During another trip the family snapped a picture in front of the fountain. Pictured above from left to right: cousin Minerva, Tania, Kristin, Kassie, Laurie, and aunt Minerva.
















Cassie, Inside Sales Rep

Q: Can you describe a time you did what it took to say YES to a customer?

A: An elderly couple came into the front office with multiple issues with “the other provider” and they were without a home phone for a few days. It was going to be another week before “they” could get out and fix the issues. Our schedule was fully booked for the rest of the week and the following week. They were ready to just “deal with it” until Spectrum could come out, but I went to Sam, our Field Operations Supervisor, and explained the situation. He was able to get them installed the following day.

Cassie, her husband Matt, and her two children Kayleigh and Carter pose for a picture during their family vacation in North Carolina.