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Our exceptional services provide you with noticeably better picture quality, uninterrupted service, faster channel surfing and great rates with tons of free features.

ALLO’s growth and success over the past decade are thanks in large part to our reputation for winning customer service, technical capabilities, experienced, knowledgeable personnel, and superior products. Since 2003, ALLO has provided customers with the most modern network possible while employing a team of engineers, operators, and technical experts who constantly work with customers to develop creative ways to utilize ALLO’s fiber network.

ALLO Communications is a telecommunications company offering fiber telephone, long distance, broadband, internet and television to residents and businesses.

ALLO currently provides communications services to 12 cities across Nebraska and Colorado with more than 390,000 people.

ALLO has developed a world-class network to expand business opportunities, create jobs, and improve quality of life. We at ALLO take great pride in providing residents and businesses with unmatched entertainment and communications options.


Brad Moline, who serves as ALLO’s president, held several senior positions with organizations across the U.S. before returning home to Nebraska with his wife to raise their family. Among those positions, Moline was the senior vice president of finance, chief financial officer and a driving force behind the exponential growth of Birch Telecom, Inc. in Kansas City. Moline also took a large national transportation company public and was retained as a valued member of their board. He holds a degree in business administration, with distinction, from the University of Nebraska.

Allison O’Neil serves as the Vice President of Customer Operations. She got her ALLO start as a customer service representative and maintains that the best way to know our business is through meaningful conversations with our customers. Today, she oversees every aspect of the customer experience and strives to uphold our culture as a customer-focused business. She earned her degree in Finance with a minor in mathematics from the University of Nebraska. Allison built a strong background as a financial analyst in Kansas City with Gilmore Bell before returning home to Imperial to join ALLO in 2004 .

Nelnet and ALLO

Founded and headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Nelnet is a diversified technology and educational solutions company. Nelnet began its life focused on helping students and families plan, prepare, and pay for their education. Since then, Nelnet has evolved to include making administrative and financial processes more efficient for schools and financial organizations. The acquisition of ALLO further solidifies Nelnet’s position as a growing business that shares a commitment to an exceptional customer experience with great service and best-in-class technology.

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ALLO’s history provides a solid foundation for a future of continued, innovative growth as a local telecommunications company.