Get to Know ALLO: Construction

In an ideal world, ALLO would arrive in new fiber-hungry towns to set up shop, flip a switch, and provide faster, more reliable service to thousands of residents and businesses instantly. The reality is that our team is hard at work many months and sometimes years in advance of anyone ever seeing an ALLO logo…

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Happy ALLOversary Bill!

Congratulations to Bill on  his seven year ALLOversary! Over the last seven years, he’s taken a lot of calls as a residential and business support team member, and now we’re calling him out for being awesome. Before his days at ALLO, Bill was a ski instructor in Colorado, a National Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain…

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Get to Know ALLO: Network Operations

NOC NOC! Who’s there? A whole team of fiber experts who are responsible for keeping our network in order and consuming, what we believe to be, a record amount of breakfast burritos in a single morning. But seriously, NOC stands for Network Operations Center and this ALLO team handles a list of responsibilities so vast…

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Spotlight on Mark

Congratulations to local Scottsbluff technician, Mark Shields! Mark recently celebrated his seven year ALLOversary and we couldn’t be more pleased to introduce you to one of favorite team members. He’s been with ALLO for seven years but his time in the customer service industry spans more than 38  years and it shows in his dedicated and…

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Spotlight on Kelsey

Kelsey Craig is a Customer Service Representative Trainer working out of the Scottsbluff office and will be celebrating her 2 year ALLOversary in February.  In that short time, Kelsey has transitioned from CSR to a successful Residential CSR trainer  and also assists with cross training other departments.  We admire Kelsey’s persistence and hard work at ALLO and hope…

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Lincoln is Open (and Awesome)

Last week, our brand new ALLO Lincoln store was filled with our favorite kind of people, fiber fans thirsty for new technology! We were thrilled at the turnout of more than 200 people who helped celebrate our grand opening and Lincoln’s move into the fiber future. ALLO President Brad Moline commented on the crowd’s enthusiasm saying…

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Allo vs. Google Allo

You may have heard the news that yesterday, Google announced a new messaging app called Allo (pronounced, Aloe).  Sounds familiar right? Google’s Allo app is a smart messaging app similar to texting but pays attention to the way you communicate and adjusts over time.  According to the Google Allo blog, it will for example, learn over…

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Introducing Your Alliance Tech, Amber!

Amber is a new addition to our Allo installation crew out of Scottsbluff and will be the primary technician for all our new friends in Alliance.  We love her enthusiasm for her work and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her! If you see her around Alliance be sure to say, “Hello!”   Are…

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Jason Rocked 2015!

Congratulations to our Western Region Tech Operations Manager Jason VanDyke on winning the 2015 Customer Service Award. He has been a member of the Allo family for nearly five years and we’d be hard-pressed to find a day when he wasn’t striving to uphold our core values (Honest, Hassle-Free, Exceptional, Local). Moving through various roles at…

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3 Reasons We Love Lesley

Lesley is our Allo Human Resources Director and she rocks! One of her many responsibilities at Allo is organizing the positive feedback our employees receive. She doles out yearly Customer Service awards, monthly You Rock awards, and her windmill high five is unmatched in the industry. It’s not often she gets spotlighted for all her behind-the-scenes work…

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