The Better Way To Wi‑Fi

Wi-Fi 6 - The New Gold Standard for Wi-Fi

The ALLO Blast uses Wi-Fi 6 technology to maximize the power of your fiber internet service. Wi-Fi 6 gives you increased speed on all devices, extended coverage throughout your home, and increased battery life on chargeable devices that connect to the internet. Be one of the first to experience the power of Wi-Fi 6.

Dual Networks Deliver a Stronger Connection

ALLO Wi-Fi has the capability to operate on two different networks, ensuring that you get the best connection and signal strength. The 2.4GHz network provides a greater wireless range — so you’ll use this network when casually surfing the web in areas like your basement. The 5GHz network provides greater speed to capable devices but has a smaller range — so you’ll utilize this network to stream on your smart TV when you’re closer to your router.

With Smart-Steering, You'll Connect to the Best Network

The ALLO Wi-Fi Experience ensures you are connected to the best network for the job at all times. As you move throughout your home, your devices will automatically switch back and forth between networks depending on the proximity to the router and bandwidth needed. This method of “smart-steering” is automatically available to all customers, and is one more reason the ALLO Wi-Fi Experience will have you in AWE of all it can do.

Our AWE-Some Products

The ALLO Wi-Fi Experience is an all-around powerhouse — we provide the coverage you need (and expect) from anywhere in your home. We’re also taking tech to the next level with products and services that provide a mind-blowing Wi-Fi experience.

ALLO Blast Wi-Fi System Dimensions: 8.9"x4.8"x4.8"

ALLO Blast

The next generation of Wi-Fi is here. For just an additional $5 a month*, experience the power of Wi-Fi 6 with our new cutting-edge Wi-Fi system.

  • Carrier-class Wi-Fi that supports 250+ connected devices simultaneously.
  • Improved bandwidth throughput and wireless coverage in your home.
  • Improved signal efficiency so your chargeable devices consume less battery life when connected to Wi-Fi.
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ALLO GigaCenter Router Dimensions: 10.6"x7.9"x1.8"

ALLO GigaCenter™ Router

Our FREE GigaCenter™ Router allows you to seamlessly switch devices between networks, ensuring a strong connection and even stronger gaming, downloading, and binge-watching potential.

  • Allows you to connect 100+ devices.
  • Two networks to provide the fastest speed and broadest range.
  • Periodic scans and configuration backups to keep you surfing strong.
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ALLO SmartCare App

ALLO SmartCare App

With the ALLO SmartCare App, you can manage your Wi-Fi features from anywhere and store all of your network information in one place. You’ll have full access to:

  • Wi-Fi network and passwords
  • Guest access and passwords
  • Wi-Fi restrictions
  • Port settings
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