The Better Way to Wi-Fi

The ALLO Wi-Fi Experience is built on three pillars that we're always striving to improve. We believe that when better tech, better service, and better connection all come together, you get peace of mind knowing you won't have to worry about your internet.

Better Tech

Giving you the latest and greatest products to do more of what you want.

Better Service

We're ready to help you every step of the way and provide the tools for you to help yourself.

Better Connection

Our all-fiber network is strong and reliable, keeping your home connected.

Make Your Home a Wi-Fi Powerhouse

Graphic of a house and all the devices ALLO Wi-Fi powers.

Make Your Home a Wi-Fi Powerhouse.

ALLO gives your home an upgrade with a signal in every room, strong connections on all your devices, and increased speeds for faster online activity.

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Jackson Wahl, ALLO Sponsored Gamer and Clash Royale World Cyber Games Gold Medalist

Level Up Your Gaming

Timing is everything in gaming. You need a consistent connection with low ping and latency. Whether you're gaming professionally or watching twitch streams recreationally, speed matters and ALLO's standard 500 Mbps could be the secret weapon you need to level up.

Better Tech

ALLO Blast

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ALLO GigaCenter™ Router

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Better Service

Managed Wi-Fi

Our team securely and remotely checks on any problems that arise on your network and fixes them, so you don't have to worry about it. We also replace any technology that gets broken or outdated, ensuring your Wi-Fi is always operating at peak performance.

Local, Friendly Team

You might recognize members of the ALLO team, because they live in your community and some may be your neighbors. As neighbors do, we're always ready to chat and offer assistance when you need it.

Better Connection

100% Fiber Network

Since our fiber-optic core is made of glass, data flows through it in the form of light. This data moves much faster and farther, because it isn't held back by electrical interferences that networks with copper cabling receive. This all-fiber network gives you a direct, dependable connection that won’t falter.

Wi-Fi 6

The ALLO Blast uses Wi-Fi 6 technology to maximize the power of your fiber internet service. Wi-Fi 6 gives you increased speed on all devices, extended coverage throughout your home, and increased battery life on chargeable devices that connect to the internet. Be one of the first to experience the power of Wi-Fi 6.

5 GHz vs. 2.4 GH

ALLO Wi-Fi has the capability to operate on two different networks, ensuring that you get the best connection and signal strength. The 2.4GHz network provides a greater wireless range — so you’ll use this network when casually surfing the web in areas like your basement. The 5GHz network provides greater speed to capable devices but has a smaller range — so you’ll utilize this network to stream on your smart TV when you’re closer to your router.

Smart Steering

The ALLO Wi-Fi Experience ensures you are connected to the best network for the job at all times. As you move throughout your home, your devices will automatically switch back and forth between networks depending on the proximity to the router and bandwidth needed. This method of "smart-steering" is automatically available to all customers, and is one more reason the ALLO Wi-Fi Experience will have you in AWE of all it can do.

* ALLO Blast is $5/month per unit, $6/month per unit after-tax. back