We aren’t your average telecom, and our Door-to-Door Sales team isn’t your average sales team. You may think they go door-to-door trying to get everyone to sign up for ALLO service, which they do. Still, they first and foremost demonstrate our core values exceptionally by making the experience honest and hassle-free. Our mindset here at ALLO is to educate customers on the benefits of our service so that they can get the best out of their internet provider. We want to introduce you to a few team members to hear what they love about their role and what it takes to excel.

We spoke with Mark, the Residential Sales and Marketing Director, who has been with ALLO since 2013. Mark is involved in hiring our Door-to-Door Sales crew and looks for personable people who have high integrity. He says life experience is always helpful to better relate to people. Mark believes ALLO’s fiber-optic network is top-notch and can’t be beaten. He is always impressed with how all our employees genuinely live out our company’s core values.

We also asked Mark his all-time favorite movie, and he replied with a classic, “Gladiator.” Great choice, Mark!











Meet Ryan! Ryan is a Residential Sales Leader here at ALLO. Five and a half years ago, he started as a Door-to-Door Sales Representative and has worked his way up to a lead role. Ryan believes our team breaks the stigma associated with being in sales and positively changes perceptions about salespeople. “People have questions, and our staff is there to help and show them the benefits of ALLO they might not have considered.”

He says, “Our customer service really sets us apart from our competitors. They are the unsung heroes of the company. Fiber sells itself, so our team being local and willing to go the extra mile, sets us apart. If someone has an issue, we can have a tech there within 24 hours, and that’s amazing.”

When asked what sets our Door-to-Door Salesman apart from over-the-phone sales, he said, “The people our Door-to-Door Team are going to may not have ever heard of ALLO. They didn’t call us, so our job is to explain our benefits and what they might be missing out on to improve their quality of life with seamless internet.”

Ryan has over 2,500 DVDs and is a big movie buff, so this question was fun for him. His favorite movie is “Contact,” the 1987 film starring Jodi Foster. Here he is with his wife, Daryl, and three dogs, Sarge (English Bulldog), Darth (Shitzapoo), and Leia (Maltipoo).















Say hello to Isaac! He has been with ALLO for over one year as a Door-to-Door Sales Rep. He enjoys that every door he knocks on presents a different situation, and one is never like the other. “This can also be a challenging part of the job since most people have a particular idea of Door-to-Door salespeople, so we have to try hard to change people’s minds,” Isaac said. Outside of making those ALLO sales, Isaac is also a magician, so interacting with people is one of his many strong suits.

Isaac’s favorite movie is “I Am Legend,” so we know he will be ready if the apocalypse comes. Here he is performing at a magic show, how cool!

We are very grateful to have such a hardworking team here at ALLO that lives out our core values while redefining the meaning of Door-to-Door Sales. We care more about the people than we do making a sale, and this team shows that day in and day out.