The ALLO Story

ALLO Communications is proud to have strong roots in Western Nebraska. Our company was formed in 2003 by Nebraska native, Brad Moline.  He currently serves as ALLO’s President. Before returning home with his wife to raise their family, Moline was a driving force behind the exponential growth of Birch Telecom, Inc. in Kansas City. It was in Kansas…

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Fiber Installation

We often get asked, “Why does my neighbor have ALLO service but I don’t?” And it’s a difficult question to answer. Our CEO has a great write-up explaining the construction process; we highly recommend you read it here. We spoke directly with the ALLO team responsible for the design and infrastructure of our ALLO fiber network. In…

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Sun Fade

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, all cable companies experience brief channel outages due to something called Sun Fade, also sometimes referred to as Sun Transit or Sun Outage.  During this time TV customers worldwide are affected and frustrated but there is nothing actually wrong with your TV set or cable service. Channels may go…

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They Don’t Want Their MTV

The New York Times Magazine has a small section called “That Should Be a Word”. Recently they invented the word mespoke. MESPOKE: (me-SPOKE), adj. Tailored exactly to one’s lifestyle. “Dylan was a member of the mespoke generation: From his iPod playlist to his favorite shot of espresso at his neighborhood cafe, he never had to…

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What is Fiber?

Exactly what is fiber optic technology? Optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber made of glass or plastic which is slightly thicker than a human hair. The fiber cable coming into your home acts as a conduit carrying all your data via light waves between each end of the fiber. The principles of refraction, which make fiber…

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A Message from Allo’s President

Message from Allo’s President   Question – Why Can’t I Get Service at My Location?   This question is the top challenge for Allo and me.  Allo is working diligently to connect as many people as possible across all our fiber communities.  However, Allo’s fiber does not reach everyone.  Why is that?   Allo’s Fiber is across…

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Veterans Day

This Veterans Day ALLO is proud to partner with the History Channel, North Platte Madison Middle School, and Bluffs Middle School in Scottsbluff to pay tribute to our local heroes. Take a Veteran to School Day is a national program connecting students with veterans to share their stories, experiences, and give thanks for their service. Several members of…

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Bad News Charter Customers

Bad news for Charter customers: soon you will be forced to change your service equipment and although you may not want the update you’ll also be facing additional charges each month for the change. If you’ve been waiting to make the switch, now’s the time. We know all the excuses, and ALLO has an answer for all…

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TV Everywhere

Have you tried ALLO’s Watch TV Everywhere yet? It’s a totally free service that allows you to watch your favorite channels anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or tablet to watch live, streaming TV.  Whether you’re on vacation, stuck at the airport, or struggling to stay awake in…

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