When you face the daunting task of looking for a new job, you encounter opposition from within your head. You know what I mean, those horrible thoughts you tell yourself that sound like “you’ll never find anything better out there.” Those thoughts bounce around your brain for months until you finally gain the courage to update your resume.

From there, you feel “I DO deserve something better.” That glorious feeling lasts a week or two until you receive a couple of rejection letters or, worse yet, get ghosted by a company where you wanted to work. Your ego takes a nosedive, and you resign yourself to just staying in that dead-end job. How depressing is that?

I’ve felt all those feelings over the past few months until I found ALLO.

My first interaction with ALLO was meeting Allie, an ALLO Recruiter, at a job fair. I explained what sort of opportunity I needed. While I couldn’t locate an open position to match my skills, Allie did. I looked through the requirements and could confidently say I could do about 75% of them. Studies show that women won’t apply for a job if they cannot meet 100% of the criteria, whereas men have the confidence to apply when they meet 60% of the requirements.* Allie encouraged me to apply, and I’m happy I took her advice!

Within a few days, I was on my way to meeting more people at ALLO. At each step, I was given valuable information and graciously asked if I had any questions. I was treated with the utmost respect. The respect continued even after ALLO hired me.

Any time you begin a new job or career shift, you can easily fall into an ‘imposter syndrome’ abyss. I can joyfully report that the thoughts of “why did they hire me?” and “I’m over my head” didn’t happen at ALLO.

My friends asked if my first week was stressful, and I could honestly say, “no, it wasn’t.” The onboarding process was highly organized and incredibly supportive — I was acknowledged and encouraged every step along the way.

If you’re reading this and feel unappreciated in your current job, but doubts make you fear you cannot do something new, I’m here to tell you, you can. I’ve spoken with other new employees in different departments, and the feeling is mutual; ALLO does an excellent job training.

My friends are now asking how my new job makes me feel about my career. It’s now a very easy question to answer. “I feel appreciated.”

-Kari, Email Marketing Specialist at ALLO










*Women are less aggressive than men when applying for jobs, despite getting hired more frequently: LinkedIn – ABC News (go.com)