As you continue to add new devices to your home network, the ALLO team is working 24/7 to make sure your connection is the last thing you have to worry about. When we complete one upgrade, our team starts thinking about what you might need next. We’re constantly flexing our fiber muscles to ensure that new gadgets and more time spent learning and working online are seamless and buffer-free.

Consistent streaming, gaming, and scrolling are a must for every home and family. Even more important? Control. Our free ALLOIQ mobile app gives you the network management you need to monitor, test, and set up rules to keep you surfing safely.

Tired of trying to remember your password when friends come over? ALLOIQ gives you guest network capabilities, and you can choose to enable a password or not. There’s a handy QR code to share with your visitors via the app if you do.

Need an assist in enforcing your screen time rules? ALLOIQ can help with that too. Set up profiles for all the users in your home. You can assign specific devices to each profile and time limits for when those devices are allowed to connect. There’s also an awesome immediate pause feature if you need to enforce an internet rule right away.

The benefits don’t stop there! All ALLOIQ users have free access to ProtectIQ. This bonus feature helps you click confidently and safely surf to your heart’s content—your ALLO connection will work quietly in the background to block all sorts of bad data. With network-level security, malicious content, malware, and viruses will be stopped right at the door. We’ll even send you an alert through the app to let you know when suspicious activity has been blocked.

Looking for a little something extra? Add ExperienceIQ for only $5/month. This enhanced suite is a master class in an advanced (yet intuitive!) home network management tool. ExperienceIQ helps you block specific websites, apps, or content categories you don’t want accessible in your household. It also lets you monitor how much time each device or user in your household spends on the internet and what they’re doing. Were the kiddos really doing their homework, or did they max their time limit on TikTok? We understand parents can’t control everything, but when it comes to the internet, we think this kind of knowledge is necessary. Interested? Let us know.

Download our free ALLOIQ app, with the included ProtectIQ feature, by heading over to any app store.