Fiber to the Unit

We bring our 100% fiber-optic line to EVERY unit in the building. No bandwidth sharing and no nosy neighbors joining a network that's not theirs. This means no peak hours where complaints come flowing in about slow service.

Property Value Goes Up

Did you hear that? It was the sound of your property value going up. Having faster and more reliable internet increases your building's property value.1

Unrivaled Support

We’re not just here to sell you our product. We’re here to answer any questions, figure out the fine details, and provide you and your tenants with the best service possible. You can contact our customer support team, which is full of real people 24/7, always ready and happy to help.

What We Offer

A one-stop shop for internet, TV and home phone service with a wide array of perks and cutting edge technology for your tenants to enjoy.

Fiber Internet

There is nothing like ALLO’s 100% fiber internet delivered right to you. You get consistent, secure connections with symmetrical (upload/download) speeds starting at 500 Mbps. That’s enough to download a full HD movie in less than two minutes.

  • Consistently fast internet
  • No buffering
  • Connect 250+ devices simultaneously
  • FREE installation
  • FREE modem/router
  • ALLOIQ App

Fiber TV

The best picture quality available. More than a hundred standard channels. Uninterrupted service. Get all of this and much more with ALLO Fiber TV.

  • Restart TV
  • 110 Basic Channels
  • Your favorite local channels
  • Whole-home DVR
  • Wireless set-top boxes

Fiber Phone

Why switch phone service to ALLO? Because your current service can’t offer the crystal-clear quality of our 100% fiber network. Plus, you get great rates and free features without signing any contracts.

  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Robocall blocking
  • Advanced features for free
  • Keep your current phone number
ALLO Fiber transparent pricing for high-speed internet.

Customer Support

We are customer obsessed here at ALLO, always keeping your needs at the front of our minds. We have 24/7 support with real people on the other end ready to answer any questions your tenants have.

  • No Robots
  • Local Support
  • All Day, Every Day

How The Process Works

It’s just five simple steps to get ALLO Fiber connected throughout your property. It all starts with giving us a call that you are interested in better, faster, more reliable service for your tenants.

  • Site Survey and Schedule

    Give us a call and set up a time to meet with our design and construction teams to discuss build plans and a timeframe for bringing ALLO to your property.

  • Door Tags and Construction Notices

    Our team will leave door tags on each unit so tenants are aware of the start of construction and can contact ALLO with any questions or concerns.

  • Internal Build

    Each unit will receive a fiber outlet during the Internal Build using the agreed-upon pathways. The time needed in each unit varies but averages under an hour. Our team members are professional and tidy, ensuring that items are returned to their place and left clean.

  • External Construction

    Once there is fiber in each unit, it is time to bring fiber to the building. The fiber may be aerial or underground, depending on the area of town. We have a full time restoration crew that ensures any disturbed landscaping is returned to the condition we found it.

  • Ready for Installs

    We are ready to install our top-notch equipment to each unit and provide stellar service to all!

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Hear It From Your Neighbors!

John and the team were very respectful to our management and maintenance teams here on our apartment property. The communication between both the ALLO team and our tenants was very efficient, even though one tenant is not welcoming of strangers in her home. The ALLO team made her feel comfortable, answered all her questions and concerns and completed their work in a very timely manner.

Bellwood Square Apartments Grand Island, NE

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The first step is contacting our team. Fill out the form and we will reach out to chat more about bringing ALLO Fiber to your property.

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