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Who We Are

We make it our business to do things differently, from getting a live person every time you call to tech support that actually speaks your language. We love surprising our customers with kick-ass service.

We know work isn’t everything. Priorities like family, education, and the occasional hackey-sack semi-finals keep us grounded and coming back for more.

We were fiber before it was cool. We got our start in rural Nebraska and our pioneer roots had us blazing the fiber trail decades ahead of the other guys.

We’ve got stars in our eyes and the sky’s the limit. We’re growing and our to-do list is non-stop awesome.

We’re committed to bringing a direct fiber connection to every single family and business in our communities; we’re bringing light to the masses.

Who We Hire


We hire character. Awesomeness can’t be learned but technology can. If you’re awesome, we’d love to show you the ropes.


On the flip side, if you live in the tech world, ALLO is like the mother to your board.


You’ve got ideas, passion, and a voice. If you’re ready to be heard we love to collaborate with big thinkers.


People who love people. Whether you’re answering phones or splicing fiber, every job at ALLO plays a role in the customer experience.

Fiber does more than help you check your email and channel surf faster: we’re thinking forward, we’re thinking BIG, so our customers and our communities don’t get left behind.


  • We’ll pick up the tab on your internet, TV, and phone bill – ALLO team members get FREE service!
  • We aren’t joking about the future; we’ll match your 401K savings at 4%.
  • Our benefits, including medical, vision, and dental, kick in after just one month of employment.
  • Extra cash direct deposited into your checking or health savings account every quarter, just for being healthy.
  • Does your mud volleyball team need a sponsor? We’re cool with that, sign us up to foot the bill.
  • If you’re willing to learn, we’re happy to help pay the way with tuition assistance.

We like to have fun, just ask any current ALLO employee about our past holiday parties.

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