It’s important to know that fiber optics are the most advanced technology available today and less than 7% of Americans have access to a true all-fiber network. In most cases, this means we’re building a brand new network from the ground up for you.

Before we can even begin laying fiber (which is a huge job on its own), we’re developing construction plans and working through permitting and restrictions with local authorities. Tremendous work goes into planning construction around existing utilities (water lines, wiring, pipes, etc.) as well as private property access rights (multi-family apartments, private roads, etc.). Just like road construction, things come to a halt quickly with bad weather. Your neighbor might have service, but you don’t for a variety of reasons including property access issues, they may have overhead cables while your side of the street is buried, as well as unexpected obstacles and unique conditions that slow us down.

Locate Street

Locate Marks

The good news is, if you’ve seen marks like these in your neighborhood, it means we’re getting closer to bringing ALLO service your way. These markings indicate where our crews have identified locations (what we call “locates”) where utilities have been placed. These locates are incredibly important to our construction team as they begin digging in preparation to bury fiber. There’s still a ways to go with further construction, fiber splicing, testing, and post-testing repairs.

Building a fiber network is no simple task, and like all endeavors requiring hard work, it’s often worth the wait!