This is the final post in our four-part series on ALLO’s core values: Local, Exceptional, Honest, Hassle-Free.

We believe that being local, exceptional, and honest makes us accountable for all that we do as a business. When we make these core values a priority, the result is a hassle-free experience for everyone, and that is our goal every day.

ALLO offers a superior product. Because we know we are producing the best possible service, we can offer everyday fair prices. There are no high-pressure sales tactics or gimmicks to draw you in only to disappoint you with poor service and a higher price down the line. We don’t have to hide behind confusing offers or lock you into a contract with financial penalties. And we will never tack on extra fees for things that should be included like your installation (often completed in 2 hours or less), wireless capabilities, and DVR and HD service that work throughout your home for just one price. ALLO fiber optic service can stand proudly on its own without the runaround relied upon by our competitors.

We pride ourselves on the convenience of our equipment as well. Our wireless set top boxes mean you are never tied down to a cable jack or tripped up by the outdated technology behind copper cables. Being at the forefront of technology allows us to be constantly improving the way you experience ALLO service. While competitor routers may max your devices out at 10, ALLO lets you connect over 100 over! State of the art equipment combined with our fiber optic technology means you can connect, stream, and surf to your heart’s content on all your devices without lag or interruption.

In an effort to keep things hassle-free, we keep an impressive list of local employees on our roster. We live here, and we are customers too. We understand where you are coming from whether you reach out to us in our local stores, on the phone, via web chat, text, Google, Facebook, and even X, formally known as Twitter. We’ve earned a 100% response rate (meaning we respond to your inquiries within minutes) on social media because we believe it should be easy for you to reach us when and how you want.

When we put our efforts toward flawless service, convenient access, and abundant support, we eliminate the hassle that has become standard in our industry. We strive to not just go beyond the standard but to redefine it entirely. As a service provider, we understand we have to work hard every day for your business, not the other way around.