#ALLOtogether – A Guide to Staying Connected While Social Distancing

We’re months into this whole social distancing thing, and we’re all trying to navigate our new normal together. For most of us, our daily lives have been completely disrupted. Grabbing dinner with friends, meeting up for a happy hour, kicking-butt at your favorite workout class, cheering for your favorite local teams, Aunt Cheryl’s 50th birthday party — all canceled.

All of this can be pretty distressing, so it’s critical that we stay active, healthy, sane, and social in a new way. We’ve put together a little guide to help you stay socially connected to your friends, neighbors, family, school, and workplace with the help of your ALLO fiber connection.

Plug into social media. Many of us have said we need to restrict the amount of time we spend scrolling on Facebook but truth is, social networks are great for keeping you connected. Instagram even launched a new co-watching feature so you can scroll with your best pals.

Let’s talk about video chats. There are so many free resources for video chatting with friends, family, or coworkers. FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype are all great options to stay connected. Skip the text message and have some face to face interaction. Don’t worry, ALLO’s fiber internet can handle the bandwidth needed.

How many shows have you binged on Netflix? Grab your friends and join a Netflix party. If you miss the sound of your friend interrupting your favorite part of the movie to ask what happens next, this is for you. Stream your favorite flicks while group chatting live with your buddies.

We all wish we were enjoying the weather at the zoo. They’re all closed, but you can still swim with the sharks on the Monterey Bay Aquarium live feed, climb with the koalas at the San Diego Zoo, or roar with the lions at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.

Never stop learning. We’ve come across a wide variety of educational materials not just for the kiddos, but adults too. ALLO TV customers have access to News Channel Nebraska located in our local channel package offering live educational programming Monday-Friday. Learn more about the NCN programming here. Yale University is offering a completely free course covering the “Science of Well-Being” and we’re confident it’ll put that much-needed pep back into your step. Just want to sit back and enjoy a good book? Storyline Online has a variety of free books read by celebrities such as Kristen Bell and Oprah Winfrey!

And finally, we’re here. The ALLO team is in the same boat as you. We’re working from home, we’re answering your calls, chats, and Facebook messages from our home offices and we miss each other. If you have questions about your service, or simply just want to say “ALLO”, we’re here and we’re real people too. We’ll get through this, #ALLOtogether.