My name is Kami, and I have a confession…

I am an ALLO employee and a previous Spectrum customer. I lived in Gering prior to ALLO construction and was stuck in the land of coax while I eagerly awaited the fiber connection that I knew and loved. Having been a Spectrum customer, I paid attention to the differences between ALLO and Spectrum. You could accuse me of being biased, but I’ve only used my personal experiences as a Spectrum customer to form opinions on the differences between these two companies.

Difference #1 – ALLO makes it easy.

When we first moved to Gering and learned of our Internet choices, I stopped into the local Spectrum office and grabbed a price sheet. Then I went online and realized there were exclusive “online” prices.  Then I decided to call in and received my third different price for Internet (but this call-in price was super exclusive and good only for the next 30 minutes!). Why? Why Spectrum, would you make your business practices like murky waters filled with quicksand for your potential customers to wade through? I wanted to be your customer, to give you money every month for a service but was then leery of committing, thinking that tomorrow there might be a better deal. Shouldn’t you make it as easy as possible for me, as a consumer, to choose to do business with you?

Difference #2 – We work very hard to keep our customers.

I won’t bore you with the digital conversion details that affected our family’s Spectrum Internet for two weeks. When we finally got a technician to show up at our house (eight hours after they said they would be there), the technician said, “No cost to repair this tonight – it was on our side of your service.” Excuse me?  No, “I’m sorry about the inconvenience,” no, “thank you for your patience,” no nada. Instead, I was left with the impression that I was supposed to be grateful. We need to remember that customers have freedom of choice. We need to work hard to win our customer’s loyalty month after month, and ALLO does just that.

Difference #3 – You don’t need a degree in economics to get our fair price.

Every six months, when my Spectrum price increase kicked in, I had to call, threaten to leave, get transferred to “the save department,” and negotiate for a better price. I definitely understand the politics and economics behind the rising costs of communications service and know these are often outside of provider control. But gather 10 Spectrum Internet customers in a room with the same package, and I guarantee you will have at least four different prices. Why? If my neighbor is paying $60/month for the same Internet package that I’m receiving, and I’m only paying $45…what gives?

As an ALLO employee and customer, I am so thankful that we pride ourselves on honesty and excellent customer service. It makes our jobs and our lives much easier. We see our customers as our neighbors in the communities where we live, and we don’t have to hide for fear of how our business operates. If you have any questions, you can find me in the front office of our Scottsbluff store. I’m here Monday – Friday, peddling better service and fair prices, gimmicks not included.