We know your connection to loved ones, to work, and to school is more important than ever. Please take a moment to see what Jeff, VP of ALLO Network Operations, has to say about our preparation for increased fiber internet usage and your experience online.

“Currently, our customers are utilizing our network in a substantially different manner than even 90 days ago. Working and learning from home creates ever-changing requirements for businesses, schools, hospitals, and everyone in between. Our peak hours used to range from 5 PM to 10 PM. Today the peak range is essentially all day, between 8 AM and midnight. Overall, we’ve seen a 26% increase in traffic. Cache and direct peer traffic (otherwise known as services like Netflix and YouTube) are up 34%. Between 8 AM – 6 PM, we’re seeing a 60% increase in traffic. Our ALLO network is being accessed in greater numbers and for longer periods of time. I’m confident that our fiber network can handle it and that your online experience will continue to be seamless.


My confidence is based in our 100% fiber-optic network which was built to sustain vastly greater traffic and access needs than we’re seeing even today during this Pandemic. Several weeks ago, our network team completed upgrades which provided an additional 50% capacity to strategic portions of our fiber network. Even before this increase was fully implemented, our customers continued to experience uninterrupted service because we had a considerable percentage of unused bandwidth. We talk about outdated cable technology and coax connections and I believe many will feel the realities of the weaknesses in those options very soon.


I believe customers should get all the bandwidth that they need, even in unusual times. Providers should build networks anticipating future needs. At ALLO, that’s what we do. Your fiber internet connection with ALLO will remain strong and consistent, but more importantly, we want our communities, friends, and neighbors to stay strong as well. We hope you’re making health and safety a priority and if you need the assistance of a fiber connection to make that happen, we’re here for you.”