ALLO for Education 2020

There’s a certain feeling that comes with success. It’s thrilling, satisfying, and encouraging. It helps us move forward and believe in ourselves. We want every educator and student in our communities to experience this feeling. That’s why giving back in our communities has been a priority over the past seven years.

ALLO for Education was created to help our local schools thrive and bridge the gap in the digital divide throughout the Midwest. Since we started this program, ALLO has donated over $370,000 to local schools.  These donations have given the administrators and teachers the ability to upgrade technology, purchase new digital tools and devices, and continue educating with a strong fiber connection. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to give back to the schools in our community and provide our friends and neighbors with a fiber-optic connection.

The Details

When residential customers in any of our fiberhoods signed up for new ALLO service, they got to select a local school to receive a $50 donation from ALLO. That meant new customers enjoyed fast fiber service, and we enjoyed that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with giving back.

Not only did our fiber fans enjoy the satisfaction of helping give back in their cities, but they also reaped the benefit of our referral program. When they told their friends about ALLO, we not only gave their school a donation, we gave them a $50 bill credit for the referral. So, yes, it’s true. Giving back is our thing, and we are so excited to continue supporting our communities in the future.

The Future

Our students are the future, and educators have committed their lives to help students learn and succeed. It’s a privilege to support local, and as we look back over the years, ALLO for Education has been an essential tool in helping our fiberhoods thrive.

Keep your eyes open for future opportunities to join us in sharing the love.