This blog is part 1 in a 4 part series on ALLO’s core values: Local, Exceptional, Honest, Hassle-Free.

ALLO is owned and operated by folks from right here in the midwest. Over  80% of our staff can claim native status with the other 20% transplanted. So when we say we’re local, we’re not exaggerating. For us, being local means more than staffing a handful of people in an off-site office to read from a script and collect a paycheck. Although our business has grown up in Nebraska, we’re thrilled to be expanding and crossing state lines into Colorado to bring a better service experience to a wider range of communities. Even through this growth, our dedication to being local remains strong. We love being involved in our communities, and the list of reasons why is a long one but here’s our top three:

1. We’re Customers Too

One of the best parts of being local is that we know for certain ALLO provides a superior service. We too wait anxiously for fiber construction to complete in new neighborhoods. Our hearts skip a beat when we see the splicing teams show up in our alleyways and ALLO yard signs popping up around the block. Building a fiber network from the ground up is a lengthy process and one we know to be worth the wait because while we wait with you, we’re stuck with the other guys too. We’re painfully familiar with the options in our communities. Want us to prove it? We did, read Kami’s confession here.

2. We’re in Plain Sight

When you reach out to ALLO, you get someone local; face to face in our stores, on the phone, even via chat support on the ALLO website. Technicians at ALLO maintain a 30-minute time frame for arrival on installations and dispatches, we’ll never ask you to be home for a six-hour stretch waiting for us. There is no corporate office for us to hide behind or point the finger at when things go wrong because our local offices are actively taking care of customers. And if things do go wrong, which they sometimes do, our proximity to our customers helps us to be transparent and understanding.

3. You’re our Neighbor not a Number

It would have been easy to take ALLO Communications anywhere else in the country. People across the nation are clamoring for fiber optics and gigabit Internet speeds, but the goal from inception was to advance opportunities for communities who haven’t had options when it comes to providers.  We set out to contribute to the success of our communities, businesses, and neighbors and believe it takes more than just providing a service. Being a part of ALLO means being a member of the community. Team members across all markets are active volunteers, student mentors, and enthusiastically involved in economic development and expansion. ALLO sponsors area athletic teams, movies in the park, and Business After Hours events, we film community events for our local Video On Demand feature, we’re Chamber members, and we love supporting local schools. We’re more than just a cable company. We are your neighbors.