This is part 3 in a 4 part series on ALLO’s core values: Local, Exceptional, Honest, Hassle-free.

We love being local, we take pride in being exceptional, and we believe honesty sets us apart from our competitors.  Being honest helps us understand and appreciate the perspective of our customers. Over a decade ago, when ALLO was just an idea, our founders sat down to discuss what they wished their own service providers would do differently for them. At the top of the list were transparency and honesty. If we want to know exactly what our bill should be down to the cent, why wouldn’t you? If we’re left wondering about a service outage, construction delays, or programming changes, we’re probably not alone. Is it really so difficult to just play fair and tell the truth? At ALLO, we believe it’s actually quite simple and in fact, crucial to what we do each day for our customers.

No matter who you speak with at ALLO, be it a salesperson at your door, a local customer support rep on the phone or online chat, even doing independent research on our website, you’ll find our prices are the same across the board. While the other guys may rely on gimmicks and fine print that will make your head spin, we’re determined to give it to you straight. When teaser rates expire and cause your bill to skyrocket by 25% and then some, is that honest? You want service and we want your business. We don’t see any reason to complicate the process so we stand by our always fair prices and even give you a breakdown of the taxes and fees so there are no surprises.

From day one, we strive to educate, giving our technicians enough time to answer questions and perform on-site training. We also provide an easy to access video tutorial built into your on demand programming feature. We use social media, our blog, and our website to keep customers updated on area power and service related outages. When affiliates raise their costs to us as a provider we aim to overwhelm you with answers sending letters, emails, posting to Facebook, Twitter, and the ALLO blog with a clear and honest explanation. If you have questions about your equipment or the technology we utilize, our entire staff is trained to clarify in terms you understand whether you’re a first-time email user or a gaming addict.

Ultimately we don’t like our customers to be in the dark about any aspect of our service. An empowered, knowledgeable customer is a happy customer and that’s the goal for us at ALLO, honest.

Be Clear