This is part 2 in a 4 part series on ALLO’s core values: Local, Exceptional, Honest, Hassle-Free

ALLO came to your neighborhood not just to provide an alternative in telecommunications and not just to provide better service; we came in with the intention of providing the best which is why being exceptional is one of ALLO’s core values.  We recognized a need and an opportunity for economic growth in our communities through superior telecommunications and entertainment services. Rather than entering the last quarter with the same tired plays, we decided to re-write the game entirely.

Instead of using the same technology as the other guys, we built an entirely new network from the ground up using fiber optics. This is why we often say ALLO is worth the wait, once construction is complete your fiber connection gives you access to GIGABIT (that’s 1,000 Mbps) Internet, instant channel change, wireless TV set top boxes, and crystal clear phone service. Beyond giving you a faster and more secure network, ALLO is making it possible for our friends and neighbors to experience the way technology is revolutionizing the way we use the web. We could go on for days about the benefits of fiber, but we’ll give you a break and suggest you read this brief overview instead.

Ultimately, we know that it takes more than a superior service to be truly exceptional to our customers. We back up our industry-leading technology with a customer-based culture. From the top down, we are consistently making decisions to improve the customer experience. Although we’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade, we’ve maintained the customer focus of our start-up days. Being exceptional is making sure the ALLO team is on-time to your house, knowledgeable when you call with questions and verifies our efforts have successfully resolved your problems. With ALLO you get a live, experienced representative, trained and ready to provide exceptional service.

Simply put, ALLO’s world-class fiber technology with industry-leading communications and entertainment services supported by a local customer support team that genuinely cares, that is ALLO excellence.

ALLO President, Brad Moline grilling for the Hastings community.