The years have flown by, and we want to remember the journey. Follow along to see our core values, our people, and our story.

*Even throughout the pandemic, our team culture remained the same. We bond through video chats, emails, and virtual high fives. We support communities by donating, participating when it’s safe, and providing exceptional service so our fiber family can thrive.

The ALLO Journey

In the beginning, there were two. Two minds who collaborated to improve the communications landscape across the Midwest. ALLO President, Brad Moline, and Russ Pankonin, local businessman, founded ALLO in 2003 after seeing the need for better service in their home state of Nebraska. They started small and provided telephone service to their friends and neighbors with the intention of changing the landscape in the telecommunications world. And they did just that.


Fast forward 20 years and ALLO is a thriving company, busy setting the standard for exceptional Telecommunications in 27 communities across three states. People in towns from Breckenridge, CO, to Lincoln, NE, are enjoying fiber-optic internet, TV, and phone service along with exceptional support.

Local has always been the name of the game at ALLO. From the start, we’ve hired community-minded local folks, given back to organizations and nonprofits, supported our local businesses, and sponsored and participated in events in our cities. Our employees and customers consist of our friends and neighbors, so being involved in their lives is a no-brainer.

Hassle-Free is the way to be, in our offices, and in the experience we provide for our customers. This means no walls, lots of windows, and friendly leadership who always have room on their calendars for a chat. Popping over to check in on a friend after the weekend, celebrating milestones, or checking in via video chat are everyday occurrences for team ALLO.

Making things easy for our customers 24/7 is how we roll, so when they have questions, we answer them. We’re on the phones, on social media, available via chat and email, and have friendly local staff available at all of our storefronts. We simply want things to be easy. Paying your bill shouldn’t be hard. Getting answers from customer support should be a breeze, and staying connected to your fast, fiber service is essential, so we’re here, and we’re ready to help.

You know we’re all about fiber connections, but we’re also all about people, friendship, being silly, belly laughing, being there for each other, and growing together. Both of these connections matter, are necessary, and we feel incredibly blessed to enjoy them both.