The Importance of Compliance as a Service with a Remote Workforce

A secure and compliant work environment is what data protection regulations worldwide mandate your business to build and maintain. It must be secure enough to mitigate as many risks as possible and be compliant with every single rule/guideline listed in the regulation. The most important aspect to remember is that these regulations take into consideration…

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Beware of Business Email Compromise Attacks

Have you ever received an email that seemed a bit too urgent, a tad too official, or oddly insistent on a financial transaction? If so, you might have encountered a Business Email Compromise, or BEC, attack. This increasingly prevalent form of cyber threat has been making headlines worldwide, and we are seeing attack attempts hit…

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Social Media Cybersecurity Risks

The holidays are here, and with that comes an uptick in the use of social media. But beware! Coal is not the only thing you should be worried about getting in your stocking this year. While we love seeing photos and stories about holiday parties and family gatherings, please make sure to be careful with…

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