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I am so appreciative of the selflessness that I see many times each day.  As each of us learns to alter our lives, I can see that the ALLO team, our customers, our communities, and our leaders are working hard to make a positive impact.  I want to express my immense gratitude for the extra hours, the dedication, and the community-first mentality so many have shown recently.

While it is may be easy to second guess or debate the best course of action, I believe the most important thing we can do is support each other. I am confident that collectively, when we put people first, we will continue to do the best for each other with the information and knowledge we have today.

Some specifics from ALLO

Fiber Network & Service Platform – ALLO’s network is performing as designed with excess bandwidth, quality fiber-optic internet (upload, download, latency), uninterrupted voice, and exceptional television.  Please let us know how we can assist your business, organization, or home during this time.  Mobile phone companies are currently having issues, and we can provide local phone solutions for your home – either a soft phone for your computer or a landline to work around these limitations. These voice services can be activated quickly and without a technician visit in most cases.

Schools – All schools served by ALLO are closed for some time or for the entire school year.  As students start their learning from home programs, ALLO and our fiber-optic network will help residential customers experience a seamless online learning environment.

Work from Home

Work from Home set up struggles are common.  Solutions include:

  • Increasing bandwidth (especially upload) from home and business.
  • Adding home phone lines or soft phone solutions.
  • Layer2 solutions when VPNs are insufficient.
  • Cords, adapters, etc.

Let ALLO know how we can help.  We understand you’re facing many challenges, but your connection won’t be one of them with ALLO.

Offices – Currently, ALLO offices are open, with the exception of the Fort Morgan office, which has been closed due to government restrictions. However, we are practicing strict social distancing.  Customer assistance is very important to us, but so is safety.  We are limiting contact between each other and our customers to improve safety.  Some are working from home, some are limiting office contact, and all are following CDC guidelines. Technicians have been provided with additional cleaning materials as well as protective gear. ALLO is taking extra precautions to confirm our team is healthy and symptom-free prior to dispatching to homes and businesses. You may hear kids or family members in the background when you call in for support. Please know, our team is working around the clock for you and may be doing so from home to keep providing you with the exceptional service you deserve.

Our team – As a critical fiber-optic service provider, we understand and embrace our role in this uncertain time. However, we are beginning to limit certain activities that are less critical or may put our team at unnecessary risk.  We may drop routers, TV set top boxes, or cables at your home or business and ask customers to self-install or wait until the risk has been reduced to complete the task. We are continuing installations and taking care of customers in need while also following industry and government direction for safety.

Finally, let’s continue to work together as a community.  We must be safe, flatten the curve, and stay connected.  Let’s have compassion for each other during our collective and unique situations.

I’ll leave you with my friend Mike’s powerful message in the video below and encourage you to join the ALLO team in finding an opportunity in this moment to do good and stay connected in meaningful ways.