Working and Learning From Home

We’re all experiencing a little bit of shock as we deal with the change of pace the Covid-19 virus may be causing in our homes and workplaces. We want you to know, we are ready. Our fiber-optic team has plans in place to continue providing seamless service and support as our business and residential customers prepare for potential disruptions to daily routines.

If sickness hits your household and you need to do double duty caring for your loved ones and your to-do list, having a reliable fiber connection will be more important than ever. If your company sends everyone home to prevent the spread of disease, your video conference calls, your project uploads, and your team meetings all still need to happen, even from home. Make sure you’re prepared with a reliable fiber internet, TV, and phone provider.

We want to assure you we are here to help. If you’re a business owner sending employees home, or a student accessing your courses remotely, or a parent juggling sick kids and an afternoon conference call, we’ve got your back. As you prepare for changes in schedules or workspaces, consider the following tips:

  • Stay informed and remember prevention is the first line of defense against Covid-19. We know practicing social distancing by working from home is new to most. Our hope is these protips help you stay productive and surf seamlessly.
  • Be prepared for all scenarios, set up a remote workstation; make a plan for revised routines.
  • Make sure you’re reachable. If you’re an ALLO Business IP phone customer, you can unplug your phone from work, take it home, and voila, you’re accessible anywhere.
  • If not, we can help you make the switch or provide guidance on forwarding your office line to your cell phone. Call our friendly team at 844-560-2556.
  • Communicate with your family, your employees, and your customers about your back up plans. If you have a business page on Facebook, pin this information to the top of your feed for easy access.
  • Power down your devices and turn them back on. Everything can benefit from a reboot. Even you.
  • Check your devices for updates and schedule a time to push them through.
  • Run an internet speed test and read up on wireless connectivity.

Access to a fiber-optic connection is fairly limited in the United States. Currently, only about 25% of the nation has the option. If you live an ALLO community, you have that fiber option. Whether you’re online to stay informed, upload your quarterly financial report, complete a college course, or just binge a few of your favorite shows, our network has the capacity to handle all of it. Our team is constantly monitoring the usage and bandwidth needs of our customers and communities, and we’re confident our service can more than handle the anticipated increase in online activity. If you aren’t an ALLO customer, we hope you’ll consider joining the #FiberFamily so you can work, learn, play, and stream seamlessly through the next few months of mayhem.

Because we know how important a reliable connection is in uncertain times, we are offering free 50 Mbps upload and download speed to homes without internet service for 60 days. Our Wi-Fi 6 Blast router is included, your installation is free, and there is no contract to sign.

We encourage you to join us in making health and safety a priority. If you need to reach us for any reason, our 24/7 local support team is available at 866.481.2556, via online chat through our website, via email at [email protected], or you can even give us a shout on social media.