Our lips have been sealed for too long, and the wait is finally over. Keeping this secret has been nearly unbearable. So finally, we are thrilled, ecstatic, and downright giddy to share the news.

Drum roll please…

We just increased our standard residential internet speed from 300Mbps to 500 Mbps, for FREE!

Did you read that right? Yes, you did.

 Who is eligible for the speed increase?

If you’re a residential customer who is currently surfing the web via our fast, consistent, 300 MBPS internet service, this is for you. Next time you run that internet speed test, the numbers will be mind-boggling. Next time you go to upload that report for work, it’ll happen so fast, your boss’s head will spin. Next time you invite your favorite gamers over for a Fortnite party, they’ll stay so long, you’ll be begging them to leave.

The best part? Every single residential customer with standard internet has already been upgraded. You don’t have to do a single thing. It’s not based on your location or your longevity with ALLO, it’s for everyone, plain and simple.

Why are we upgrading your fiber internet speed?

The fun answer is “because we can.” The more detailed answer is: we care about our fiber family. Your overall experience, your internet speeds, your TV watching, your uninterrupted phone conversations, all of it really matters to us. Sure, there are other providers in our markets, but we’ve always felt it was best to compete with ourselves and constantly improve our network to keep up with your needs. We think you deserve a future-fit connection with the best equipment, the most up to date technology, the fastest internet speeds, and a customer support experience that we’ve been told blows people’s minds.

How is this possible?

As technology evolves at a crazy-fast pace, we’re evolving right alongside it. Our network team has made improvements and tested your fiber connection to be sure this bandwidth bump will benefit you. One of the amazing things about a fiber connection is that it CAN handle speed increases, network changes, and more. When information travels along a fiber connection, it moves at the speed of light (literally). The weather doesn’t bother it, it can carry huge amounts of data, and interference is a non-issue. The fact is, we’re able to increase your speeds because of fiber technology.

Keep in mind, when you go to run that speed test, you’ll want to be in the know about how to read your internet speed test results, and understand the ins and outs of how your wireless connection works in your home. For the best experience, we recommend becoming an internet speed test pro, and learning more about potential Wi-Fi haters in your home.

We’re inserting a little humble brag here, but not because we want to pat our own back. We just want you to know how important your connection is to our company. This is not the first time we’ve given our residential customers a free bandwidth bump. Giving you more without charging you extra is kind of our thing. Back in 2003 we started at 10 Mbps, we increased to 25, then to 50, then to 100, then to 300, now we’re flying faster than ever with our standard 500 Mbps residential internet speed.

So, if you’re loving every minute of your new speeds, tell the world, share the love. You might just earn yourself a $50 bill credit. If you’re one of those people who’s been teetering on the edge, and are ready to make the switch, sign up today!