Have you noticed a major shift in the performance of your Apple devices lately? Turns out, Apple’s recent software updates may be the cause. The new iOS8 bugs include  devices across the board (ipad, itouch, iphone, etc.) constantly dropping and sometimes flat out refusing to join your wireless network. There have also been reports of the software causing severe battery drain, after a full charge your battery might  drop into the red-zone after only 4-6 hours. The effects of this wi-fried experience are far reaching, Forbes reports that dedicated websites addressing (and complaining about) the issue are popping up everyday, and google search results on the problems are multiplying, currently showing 70,000 results.


If you’ve noticed a sudden change in your Apple devices, check your settings and determine which software version you’re using. Navigate to Settings > General > About > See Version.


If you see any version of iOS 8 here, you’ve found your problem.  As an Internet service provider, we know exactly how frustrating this answer can be for our customers. Word on the street is that Apple is working hard to resolve the issues with their next round of upgrades in iOS9 and we hope it gets here soon.


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