Imagine working at a place for 40 hours a week and not liking your job. Yeah, we can’t either. The leaders at ALLO have created a workplace where folks are valued, ideas are heard, and work-life balance is an everyday practice. So, if you’ve considered applying or becoming a customer, we’d like to give you a peek behind the fiber curtain and show you what goes on in our world.

You know you’ve chosen the right company because the people around you are full of authenticity and kindness and are dedicated to the people around them. You know you’ve chosen the right career when flipping burgers, building a parade float from scratch, or staying late to help a customer is an easy yes. You know you are home to stay when the boss (aka, the president of the company), asks you how your family is, has a conversation about your oldest kid learning to drive, or offers a shoulder to your tired baby at an ALLO event.

This is the experience at ALLO. Our team is full of folks who are willing to jump in and help when life takes a turn for the worse, provide meals when life catches us off guard, or gently lead us out of conference rooms when we aren’t feeling good and need to head home.  Our customers reap the benefits of this customer-focused, employee-focused, PEOPLE-focused culture every single day, and they notice. They tell us and they keep coming back for more.

Yes, it’s true, our fiber-optic network often takes the spotlight and our focus on future-fit technology keeps our engineers busy but none of that really matters if you don’t put people first. From the top-down, our team has a genuine passion for people. They are prioritizing people, and they remember that we are all, in fact, people. We live in a world where technology is always evolving, but we know it’s the people behind that technology who matter.

What you get with ALLO is a group of people who have been disrupting the old way of business for more than 15 years. You get real conversations with people who live, work, play, and volunteer in your communities. At ALLO, you get people who are empowered to always do more for each other and our customers. Our upload speeds will blow your mind, but you’ll stick around for the people on the other end of the phone because they are the ones truly making the difference each day.

That’s why when we talk about who we are as a company, we talk about our team. Our technology is top-notch, our equipment is second to none, and this makes for a truly incredible customer experience. But when you add the people of ALLO, the vision of our leadership, and a genuinely caring support team, there is just no comparison.