Congratulations to local Scottsbluff technician, Mark Shields! Mark recently celebrated his seven-year ALLOversary, and we couldn’t be more pleased to introduce you to one of our favorite team members. He’s been with ALLO for seven years but his time in the customer service industry spans more than 38  years and it shows in his dedicated and enthusiastic interactions with customers and fellow employees each day.

Mark has a reputation for putting others first, and we’re lucky to have him in a position that so frequently introduces him to new ALLO fiber customers. Whether he’s saying hello in line at the grocery store or installing a brand new customer, Mark’s favorite aspect of working at ALLO is getting to meet new people every day. He believes teamwork is the most important aspect of what we do at ALLO and we couldn’t agree more. When asked who inspires him most he said, “My 11-year-old grandson. Despite obstacles, he is always loving, considerate, and cheerful no matter the circumstances.” We have a feeling Mark’s grandson has a pretty reliable role model for all of these wonderful traits.

Mark has an affinity for all things fast when he’s not introducing our customers to the G1G life he’s often out on his motorcycle or spending time with his wife, grandson, and friends. He’s a family man through and through when asked if he could swap places with anyone for the day he said he’d like to switch with his daughter to spend more time with his youngest grandson.

We’re thrilled to have Mark on our team. Happy seven-year ALLOversary Mark, we wish you many happy ALLO years ahead!