Fiber optic service enabling high-speed internet is (ok, we’ll say it) finally coming to all homes and businesses in Imperial, Nebraska! A small group of local businessmen are responsible for making this literally groundbreaking change.

Ben Brophy, Bill Brophy, Russ Pankonin, and John Paisley, make up the investment group called Gigabit. They each have a personal investment in the high-speed internet project with an assist from Imperial’s Economic Development Board and a loan from the LB840 city sales tax fund. All four have felt the burn from the constant buffer of an unreliable internet connection both at home and at work.

Ben explained that his electric business has had frequent trouble with remote access to their equipment across the county. Their industry and many others are moving toward automation and he says wireless reliability is more important than ever. At home, Ben has an extensive smart home set up but explained that trying to connect remotely and even sometimes on site is a nightmare with their current internet connection. He said, “We need more than the bare minimum.”

John agreed saying that working from home was challenging. He said he and his wife kept track of whose turn it was to call into customer service for Wi-Fi issues. “The inability to do business in a timely, efficient manner is a roadblock for progress. Existing businesses in Imperial are suffering. We also know it’s been the reason many new businesses and residents have decided they can’t make Imperial their home. That has to change.”

Russ added, “In addition to Gigabit speed Internet, this will open the door to new opportunities and sets Imperial apart from many other rural communities.”

Once they set the fiber wheels in motion, John said “ALLO Communications was an easy choice to support the network. They have a great business model and they’ve built their reputation on phenomenal customer support.”

Local contractors are already underway with network construction in Imperial. Residents can sign up for internet, television, and phone service on Imperial’s fiber page. We look forward to opening our local storefront at 610 Broadway Street in November 2019 so you can talk tech with our friendly team in person. Businesses can request a free business evaluation on our website. Fiber installations are expected to begin in early 2020 but residents are encouraged to sign up now to ensure the initial steps of construction are completed before the ground freezes.

We’re excited to partner with Gigabit and welcome Imperial as our 11th fiber community. Gigabit’s vision for the future of Imperial is bright and we agree that a fiber-optic network will keep this community vibrant and provide greater opportunity for connected homes, successful business, and economic growth. Together, ALLO and Gigabit will make Imperial an even better place to live, work and play.