You may remember Bill as the guy who once skied to work in a blizzard. His “get it done” attitude has served him well in his many years with our fiber family. Lucky for us and for our customers, Bill is also a part-time ALLO talent recruiter. And by part-time, we mean that one time he mentioned a job opening to his then teenage son, Jacob. Jacob started as a high schooler back in 2012 as an office assistant. He grew with ALLO through high school and college and is now a member of our technical support team. (Did you know the average millennial changes jobs at least 4 times in that window?).

Long before the opening was ever posted on our careers page, Jacob was a familiar face in our office. He stopped in to chat with his dad occasionally and may or may not have been hanging around a little longer to take advantage of our gig connection. He says, “I always thought it would be a cool place to work and my dad was a major influence.”

We learn a lot of lessons from our fathers, but we don’t often get them in the professional workplace so we asked Jacob what Bill has taught him about ALLO. “He showed me that everyone here wants you to succeed and that if you work hard and show your interest, ALLO can really help you go places.” Bill was often a resource for Jacob in his early days but Bill says, “His education gave him a solid IT footing and now I ask him for help!”

Working in the same environment with your family can sometimes be tricky but these two handled it with ease and often, a bit of non-fiber banter. Bill said, “I really enjoyed having Jacob in our local office, it showed him that I’m not just a dad. It’s important to see your parents in a different light sometimes.” If anyone can appreciate the power of light, it’s our ALLO fiber team.

We have enjoyed watching these two grow together professionally and are thrilled they’re keeping fiber in the family with ALLO.