I Used to Work at ALLO

You don’t know me from the gal who stood in front of you in line for coffee this morning. I get it. There’s no reason for you to take my word today. But here’s the deal. ALLO didn’t ask me to write this. They aren’t paying me. They didn’t beg. I haven’t worked there in over six months. Then why am I writing a blog for them? Because they’re an impressive company, and as I watch them grow, people need to know that what they say is true, what they sell is life-changing, and that a future with ALLO is a bright one.

ALLO is a fantastic company. It’s true. I didn’t meet a human who wasn’t decent, kind, and customer-focused in my time there. They hire folks with the kind of character you’d want in your child’s future spouse. They are active volunteers in their cities, always concerned about top-of-the-line technology and a stellar internet TV and Phone experience. Having delighted customers is always the goal, and they work hard to keep their fiber family happy. How do I know this is true? I worked there for five years.


My Journey

My story is a “who you know and will you grow” kind of tale full of wonderful ALLO moments. I was hired by a friend back in 2016 when their marketing department was looking for an assistant. I carried boxes to the basement, completed lists of tasks to lighten their workload, and got to know the company. The more I learned about ALLO, the more impressed I was with the entire organization. They worked hard for their customers and talked about improving the customer experience ALL the time.

I grew into a part-time role and eventually joined as a full-time ALLO team player in the marketing department. I had the privilege of being the first social media team member at ALLO, which is now the Digital Experience Team. There’s a trend to note here – ALLO is growing, and you can grow with them.

Abby still loves ALLO Fiber, even though she isn't with the company

In my five years at ALLO, I witnessed a company that genuinely cared about people. Whose core values were lived out daily and talked about regularly. I saw and lived out these values with my fellow employees. I took care of customers, fixed internet, TV, and phone issues, and chatted with customers online and over the phone. I wrote, created, and brainstormed the best ways to communicate with ALLO’s fiber fans. I was a part of a family who challenged me to be my best and lived their ALLO days by these four values.

Honest. ALLO leaders and fellow teammates were open books. I knew how they felt about me, my performance, my ideas, and myself as a person. I was in marketing, and our job was to sell the company and the product to folks in our communities. As we worked on projects, mailers, social media posts, and more, the goal was always keeping the customer first and being upfront in all aspects of the business. I loved that every conversation centered around how the customer would feel about their experience and the product.

Exceptional. If I had a dollar for every time an ALLO employee went to bat for a customer to try to improve, resolve, or enhance their ALLO service or experience, I’d be rich. It’s uncommon to find a company that will listen to their customers, really listen. It’s unique to find a company that cares about a customer’s unfortunate and exciting life circumstances. It was a dynamic experience to be employed by a company that understands the value of people in everyday happenings. On top of all their efforts to blow people away with their exceptional mindset, they have top-notch equipment and have brought the Midwest into the fiber future. Pair that with leaders who are visionaries, and you have a dramatically different telecom company.

Local. I had three bosses when I worked at ALLO. Two of them live in my hometown, and the other one is across the state. The president and vice president of ALLO live here in southwest Nebraska too. They are hard workers, dedicated volunteers in their community, active in helping with youth activities, and people-focused individuals. They give back to the schools, the county fair, and so much more. ALLO is a homegrown company, and it shows in all their new cities as well. They hire local folks, get involved with the community as soon as they move in, and take being local seriously.

Hassle-Free. It happens to the best of us. We get a new debit card and forget to update the necessary people, and a payment is missed. Our service glitches or things aren’t working quite right. The neighborhood squirrel clan chewed through the fiber optic cable in the backyard. Things happen, and the cool thing about ALLO is that they get it. They understand that life isn’t always perfect and they work diligently to make every ALLO moment as easy as possible. Remember, I know, because I worked there and probably helped you sign up for service, make a payment, or resolved a service issue for you.

If you hear one thing from this blog, I hope it’s that ALLO is amazing. If they’ve made it to your community, consider yourself lucky. Sign up for service. Apply for an open position. Joining the fiber family will be the best choice you make this year.


Lastly, I did quit my job at ALLO. My family and life circumstances required a career change. I am currently momming, working part-time for a ministry our family supports, and volunteering in my free time. If life’s demands were different, I’d still be on the team. Choose ALLO folks. You won’t regret it.

Life circumstances change, but Abby still loves ALLO Fiber