Congratulations to Bill on his seven-year ALLOversary! Over the last seven years, he’s taken a lot of calls as a residential and business support team member, and now we’re calling him out for being awesome.

Before his days at ALLO, Bill was a ski instructor in Colorado, a National Park Ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park and Badlands National Park, a Park Naturalist, and a Game Warden in South Dakota. Although his job these days is slightly less extreme, he shows the same amount of dedication to the customer experience while staying true to his adventurous roots in his spare time and often on his way to work. It’s a rare day that we don’t see Bill battling the elements on foot, bike, or skis to get to the office. Yesterday, 45 mph winds blew his bike right out of the ALLO bike rack, but he still cycled home using sheer willpower and, possibly, a small amount of crazy to get himself safely home.

That time Bill skied to work, no big deal

Over the last several years he’s become an expert on the system reboot as well as the personal reboot. He says his perfect day would start early with a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and coffee. The rest of the day would be spent in the mountains fly fishing, hiking, and backcountry skiing. Leave it to Bill to envision doing all three of these things in one perfect day. Finally, he’d finish the day with a rib-eye steak and good IPA. When asked what advice he would have given himself seven years ago he replied simply, “Relax.” But when asked what his greatest adventure has been, it wasn’t in the great outdoors. Instead, he says, “Raising children, what a roller coaster! A lot of good times, a few hard times, and a never-ending adventure.”

Bill has been an incredible asset to our ALLO family, and we thank him for seven years of dedicated service to our culture and our customers. He says the most important lesson he’s learned at ALLO is that everyone is a valuable resource. “It doesn’t work to try to solve a problem by yourself. We’re surrounded by intelligent people, get their help.” We couldn’t agree more; we love his team player spirit. Congratulations on seven years Bill!