Finding the best fit for your family’s TV needs is possible. At ALLO, YOU get to choose. Other providers are doing away with traditional cable TV service as the trends move toward streaming services. We want you to have options. You can keep your cable TV, sign up to stream with Sling TV, or even combine the two for a catered to YOU, entertainment experience.  All of this, paired with our friendly, local support team equals an exceptional choice.

Sling = Options, Options, Options

You want to watch your favorite show, ballgame, or documentary, but you don’t get the channel or your internet can’t keep up. We feel your pain, but that’s where we come in. Our fiber internet is speedy and consistent and we have TV options to meet your needs. Streaming service use is on the rise and this study found that 52% of US adults are using at least one over the top service. So we’ve joined forces with our over the top partner, Sling TV, to give you a reliable streaming option. If you’re using your best friends’ streaming password, this blog is for you.

Why did we partner with Sling?

Simply put, because you deserve options. We know everyone’s budget, preferences, and binging lists are a little different. We know traditional cable is easiest for some, and others want to pick and choose their channels. Over the top options are media services offered directly to our customers through their internet connection. Providing a reliable, ALLO fiber TV option, and partnering with an exceptional over the top company means you get to have choices, and your service experience is tailored to you and your family. So, adding Sling to the ALLO lineup made sense.

Why do you need fiber internet to stream?

Fiber internet is the fastest, most reliable option when it comes to streaming, uploading, downloading, and binging seamlessly. It means buffering can be left for your Grandma’s silver, a drop-in service means the UPS man stopped by, and the only interruption you’ll experience is when your kid needs a snack. Fiber internet is the future. It’s brought directly to your home and can increase the value of your property when you go to sell. It’s future-proofed technology that can handle anything and everything you can throw at it. 100+ devices, and as many video calls, gaming sessions, or binging marathons you want to experience. Not even the weather can touch it. Need we say more?

What are the benefits of Sling TV?

We’re all about streamlining things for our customers. Choose your channels, choose the device you watch on and find a price that fits your family budget. There are three packages available with Sling. Not finding all of your faves in one? Don’t fret, chose your package, and add on individual a-la-carte channels. Your wife can’t survive without the Hallmark Channel, and you are secretly a karaoke fanatic. You can simply scroll through the extras options, pick your channels, and meet everyone’s needs. Looking for entertainment in Spanish? Yep, they’ve got that too. Lastly, our Nebraska fans are scoring big with Big Ten Network getting added to the lineup for this upcoming football season.

For those who don’t care to join the over the top club, we’re still here for you. Our fiber TV service is a great choice. You can depend on us to provide a variety of options, from our locals-only package to an expanded lineup with all of the premium channels available to add on if you’re looking for more. There are also features like Restart TV, Watch TV Everywhere, a Whole Home DVR option, and more available for you to enjoy.

And as always, we’re here to help. If you have questions about your options, reach out anytime. Find us on here on our website, connect with our team on Facebook or Twitter , or give us a call at 866-481-2556.