The definition of a Technical Support Team is a team that “deals with the nitty-gritty of troubleshooting and problem solving, using specialized technical knowledge to provide computer support.” Is that correct? Sort of, but we think it glosses over these individuals’ pure talent. When it comes to the ALLO experience and customer satisfaction, this team does a lot of the heavy lifting and goes way beyond troubleshooting issues. Their knowledge base must be wide and is constantly evolving alongside the forward-thinking world of technology. Technical Support Specialists handle various tasks, from remote programming and port forwarding to analyzing equipment and recommending efficiencies. They are the fine tuners of your internet, TV, and phone services. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of customer service, and we rely on this team to uphold our customer-focused values. Today, we want you to meet two of the dedicated members of this team, Tony and Taylor.

Tony is one of our talented Technical Support Supervisors. He joined ALLO back in 2017 as a Technical Support Specialist diagnosing and solving inquiries. His days look a bit different now. He coaches his team for success and keeps them informed about trends customers are noticing with their ALLO service. Reviewing resumes and interviewing applicants to join his team is a large part of his day-to-day. He has a gift for finding talented, tech-savvy individuals that match our core values. The one thing he enjoys most about his career here is our company culture. “ALLO is a very close-knit, family-focused environment where everyone feels like family,” he said. He’s a family man at heart and looks forward to his monthly game nights with his daughters, Kita and Jeralyn, and grandsons, Tito and Niko.










Taylor joined ALLO after working with another Nebraska internet service provider. “I was sold after reading the reviews from customers about ALLO’s service,” he said. His love for tech also drew him to his role as a Technical Support Supervisor. He leans on his gift of finding creative solutions and computer networking when he’s working with ALLO customers.

“I have put in long days dealing with certain issues or jumping into other projects, but at the end of those days, it has felt more like a group of friends coming together to solve a problem than completing a job with co-workers,” Taylor said. “The atmosphere and the culture are exactly what a business should have.”

When he’s done for the day, he fills his time with many activities to stay busy. He’s a certified property and building inspector and general contractor who focuses on small, remodel projects in the Nebraska City area. So, when he’s done fine-tuning your TV service, he could give you some advice on home projects too. When he’s not at the farmhouse shooting cans and flying drones with his four kids and wife, he spends his time tinkering with a 3D printer he built from scratch.











It is a privilege to work beside dedicated, hardworking people like Tony and Taylor who help make hassle-free and exceptional customer service a reality for our customers daily.