We’re pleased to continue our department series this week with a spotlight on our Technical Support team, featuring Teresa and Dakoda. When it comes to the ALLO experience and customer satisfaction, this team does a lot of the heavy lifting. Their knowledge base must be wide and constantly evolving alongside the forward-thinking world of technology. Technical Support Specialists handle a range of customer issues from remote programming to port forwarding to WiFi range. We pride ourselves on an exceptional level of service which is a simple goal when everything is going right but sometimes things go wrong, and we rely on Teresa, Dakoda, and the rest of their team to uphold our customer-focused values.

Teresa is a Technical Support Specialist and trainer in Imperial.  As a mom, Nebraska native, and valuable ALLO employee, Teresa has a passion for customer service and problem resolution.  She joined ALLO in 2013 and quickly built a reputation for customer advocacy. Her transition to the newly formed  Technical Support team in 2015 was a natural next step in her career at ALLO. She believes the most important aspect of her job is training new employees to give them the skills and knowledge they need to provide hassle-free assistance. When asked what she loves most about her job Teresa shared this, “I will never get over the feeling of calling a customer and hearing them say that we fixed whatever problem they are having.” Outside of ALLO, Teresa stays busy keeping up with her two teenage daughters at sporting events and concerts and loves traveling with her family. She says she’s most proud of Mackenzie (15) and Chloe (13) and the way they have stuck by her as a single parent working her way through college and building her career at ALLO.

Dakoda describes the Technical Support Specialist role this way, “Naturally, having problems with your service is frustrating, and it’s important to us that we not only solve the problem but make it as quick and painless as possible.” He earned a degree in Computer Information Systems and worked as a Systems Administrator at a small college before joining ALLO last year. He has a long history of working with technology and enjoys building computers and working on small electronic projects in his free time. Outside of work, Dakoda enjoys spending time with his wife, Heather and says they are both hugely supportive of each other’s careers and goals. He and his wife love to hike, camp, garden and not surprisingly Dakoda also dabbles in Arduino (don’t worry we had to look it up too, read more here). He says, “I’ve always had a passion for making broken things work. In Technical Support, that’s our core responsibility, and it always gives me great satisfaction to identify a problem and eliminate it.” It’s safe to say that Dakoda is a few hundred steps beyond tech-savvy and we’re thrilled to have his knowledge and enthusiasm on our side at ALLO.

It is a privilege to work beside dedicated, hardworking people like Dakoda and Teresa who help make hassle-free and exceptional customer service a reality for our customers on a daily basis.