NOC NOC! Who’s there? A whole team of fiber experts who are responsible for keeping our network in order and consuming, what we believe to be, a record amount of breakfast burritos in a single morning. But seriously, NOC stands for Network Operations Center and this ALLO team handles a list of responsibilities so vast and technical, it sometimes makes us dizzy. They manage and monitor ALLO’s network 24/7. Literally, a minute doesn’t go by that our team isn’t on the lookout for our network and our customers. They’re keeping an eye out for bandwidth issues, service affecting bugs, necessary updates, areas for growth and improvement, and surreptitiously buying limited edition sneakers in their incognito browsers (ok there’s really only one guy who does this, he knows who he is). In their technical, data-driven world, the network operations team doesn’t often see direct interaction with our customers and it’s easy to forget there are real people behind the fiber curtain, making internet magic happen. So we’re pleased to introduce two of our Network Operations team members: Jill McDaniel and Tyler McAllister.

Jill came to ALLO with more than 15 years of telecom experience under her belt. She spent a few years with “the other guys” (AKA the bulldogs of telecom) and says they were just too big to focus on customers the way they truly deserve. She loves ALLO’s customer-focused model and explains, “We’re all contributing to growing this company together. I have been in the industry long enough to know this is not standard. We’re able to focus on the big picture and contribute instead of sitting in a silo immersed in monotony.” Jill’s team is constantly monitoring our network for ways to improve and ensure a consistent service experience. This sometimes includes late-night maintenance windows, where she and her team chug coffee and perform upgrades and changes that keep ALLO awesome each day. These windows sometimes entail a brief service interruption which can be frustrating to customers who like to Amazon Binge at 1:47AM. So while her department often gets the least amount of love from the outside, the work they do keeps ALLO on top when it comes to the consistent, reliable, future-proofed experience we’ve built our brand around. When she’s not at work, Jill is trying to keep up with her adorable 16 month old daughter, Adalyn. They love creating music with instruments around the house, dancing, and watching YouTube videos of live performances. While she counts herself fortunate on many levels, Jill says she’s most proud of the life she’s built with help from her wife Lauren. She gives major credit to Lauren saying,”I have no doubt that her efforts have served to put Adalyn in a position to make a huge impact on the world.”


Tyler has been with ALLO for over five years and like many in the Network Operations world, he was interested in computers and electronics from a very young age. He earned an information technology degree in college, joined ALLO in 2011, and recently moved into the engineering team at ALLO last year. The Network Engineering department has a long list of responsibilities but the ones most tangible to customers are infrastructure expansion and problem remediation. Infrastructure expansion allow us to continue adding new customers to ALLO service without a overloading our network or causing service issues. Problem remediation is a fancy way of saying that, like technical ninjas, they’re anticipating problems and chopping them down before they can affect our customers. Tyler works out of our Denver location and says, if given the chance to switch jobs with anyone at ALLO, he’d  join the plant crew in a heartbeat so that he could build the 200 miles of fiber needed to enjoy ALLO service at his Colorado home (note: this is sadly just a pipe dream). As a former resident of Scottsbluff, it’s safe to say Tyler misses all the GIG things we have in Nebraska. Tyler notes, “Having an amazing product without the same level of support is self-defeating. ALLO is one of the few companies that recognized this from the get-go and it shows.” When he’s not working, Tyler’s most likely spending time with his family (Sandy and Azic), playing intramural sports (fact: some IT guys do enjoy sports), or reading. He’s most proud of the part he’s played in Azic becoming who he is today and the life his family has built together.


We’re lucky to have Jill and Tyler in our fiber family here at ALLO. Their dedication and commitment to providing the best possible customer experience is clear to all who work with them. Stay tuned each week as we continue to take a deeper look at our varied departments and awesome team members at ALLO.