We are delighted to give you a closer look at our Installation Technician Team and share some insight from Jose and Thomas this week. We find that our customers anticipate a mandatory headache with a new service installation, and we never tire of surprising them with an entirely different experience. In our industry, it has become disappointingly the standard to make customers wait hours for a technician, with no guarantee they’ll show up within the ever-inconvenient four-hour window. And when they do finally arrive, we’ve heard they tend to blow through the process, barely acknowledging you, your preference for equipment location, or any questions you have about the services.

We strive to show our communities it doesn’t have to be this way. At ALLO, we’re different. Our Installation Technicians have a 30-minute window for arrival, and because they’re amazingly good at what they do, they sometimes run early and will call you to find out if it’s convenient to arrive ahead of schedule. Since we view our customers as neighbors instead of numbers, our techs remember to wipe their feet at the door and take the time to ensure you understand exactly how your services work, including assistance with additional equipment like sound and gaming systems. It would be easy to plow through a long list of installations without making that extra effort, but that’s not how we do things at ALLO.

Employees like Jose breathe that initiative. His can-do attitude and positivity shine through as a Residential Installation Technician Lead. He is an example of what we look for in our new team members: excellent character and a desire to learn.

In his role, no two days are the same. He usually starts his day with a quick meeting to strategize how he and his team members can best meet customers’ needs in Fort Morgan, Colorado, quickly and successfully. If you shadowed him for a day, you’d see him shuffling from coaching his team on our best practices to coordinating customers’ needs with other ALLO teams.

We asked a co-worker what it is like to work with him, and they said, “Being pretty new here, I was worried about being in a new environment with new people, but Jose and this office made sure I felt welcome, and I am super thankful. It’s nice to work with someone who is always positive and professional.”

We wondered what Jose thought about his time with ALLO and couldn’t help but ‘awe’ at his response.

“I love working for ALLO because of the interactions I get to have with all the people I work with and meet. In less than two years, I became a Team Lead which was a huge jump since I never had any communication or fiber experience. I’ve used my previous management and people skills in this new role, and my customers and co-workers greatly appreciate them.”

When he’s not lending a helping hand at work, you’ll catch him spending time with his wife and two girls. Bowling, shooting pool, swimming, and entertaining are some of his favorite things to do, and he’s always willing to throw on a pair of dancing shoes for a night out on the town with family or friends.

Out in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Thomas starts his days as a Residential Installation Technician by gathering equipment and restocking his ALLO truck with the supplies he needs to bring the fiber difference to customers’ homes. Before the clock strikes 8 AM, he’s out installing internet, TV, and phone services and chatting with ALLO customers. His days can vary depending on the type of services he is installing and whether the property has had ALLO previously.

He’s been with ALLO for more than a year and is excited that he overcame one of his biggest fears — heights.

“I chose to be an install tech because I am used to working in the elements and have good customer skills. When I started, I was terrified to get on a ladder, and now I zip right up them like it’s nothing!”

He also thinks that our ALLO culture is better than many places he has worked for before.















“The best thing about ALLO for me is my supervisors treat me like a human, with respect. I have not really ever had that before. We are kind of like a big family, always willing to help each other out and can rely on one another.”

Much like Jose, Thomas enjoys family time. He and his wife and two children love going camping and fishing. Some of his other hobbies include playing video games, working on cars, and making things out of wood.

We like that both these guys think big while still holding a deep appreciation for ALLO’s dedication to being a local, reliable company our customers can trust. We are so thankful for the entire Installation Technician Team, their dedication to their work, and the role they play each day in making ALLO exceptional.