We’re very pleased to give you a closer look at our Installation Technician team and share some insight from Beau and Jon this week. We find that our customers anticipate a mandatory headache with a new service installation and we never tire of surprising them with an entirely different experience. In our industry, it has become disappointingly standard to make customers wait hours for a technician, with no guarantee they’ll show up within the ever inconvenient four hour window. And when they do finally arrive, we’ve heard they tend to blow through the process, barely acknowledging you, your preference for equipment location, or the additional devices you may need help getting connected and to top it off, there’s usually a few extra fees involved.  At ALLO, we strive to show our communities, it doesn’t have to be this way. Our installation technicians have a 30 minute window for arrival and because they’re amazingly good at what they do, they sometimes run early and will give you a call to find out if it’s convenient to arrive ahead of schedule. Since we view our customers as neighbors instead of numbers, our techs remember to wipe their feet at the door and take the time to ensure you understand exactly how your services work including assistance with additional equipment like sound and gaming systems. It would be easy to plow through a long list of installations without making that extra effort, but that’s not how we do things at ALLO.

Jon is a member of our Lincoln Installation team and while we’ve forgiven him for his past transgressions as an installer for a competitor, we’re not shy about admitting his experience has proven incredibly valuable to our ALLO team. He earned his degree in business management and applies his background in management and telecommunications to the benefit of our team and our customers. Jon says that while install techs aren’t generally trained in interior design, they can be incredibly clever when it comes to accommodating customer requests like hiding cords and equipment while maintaining ALLO’s exceptional service. When asked what drew him to ALLO, Jon explained, “I chose to work at ALLO because of the great opportunity for growth within the fiber industry and because ALLO and I share a goal of being a positive influence in the Lincoln Community.” He likens the installation technician role to that of a professional problem solver and says solving customer issues makes his day. When he’s not at ALLO, you’d most likely find him, “Relaxing in the back yard, deep into an article on the upcoming Cornhusker season, with my dog at my feet, while my Bar-B-Q Pit smokes a succulent morsel of meat in the background and my wife draws or reads.”

Beau is technically a business installation technician in Ogallala but says he often adapts to the needs of the day in his ALLO community. We are always impressed with Beau’s knowledge and especially the pride he takes in his work. He says, “If my customers are not smiling when I walk out that door, I take it as a personal failure.  To me that makes ALLO exceptional.” Beau has over 14 years of telecommunication experience, an extensive background in the industry, and an impressive talent for juggling a wide-range of knowledge and responsibilities. After his interview with ALLO’s Vice President Beau says, “I felt the appreciation for my experience right away and knew I would not be a number with ALLO. Joining ALLO turned out to be one to the most intelligent moves I have made in my life. ” When it comes to ALLO versus the other guys Beau explains our community involvement sets us apart especially with events like our G1G Red Party at Rendezvous Square and our support of local schools with ALLO for Education. Outside of ALLO, Beau says he’s most proud of his family and his journey in music. We can’t wait to see Beau show off another of his many skills this summer at the Rendezvous Square summer concert series.

When asked if they could hop on a plane and travel anywhere in the world, Jon chose Ireland and Beau picked Rome or London. We like that both of these guys think big while still holding a deep appreciation for ALLO’s dedication to being a local, reliable company our customers can trust. We’re so thankful for the entire Installation Technician team, their dedication to their work, and the role they play each day in making ALLO exceptional.