Our ALLO department series continues this week with a feature on the First Impression Specialists whose smiling faces are there to greet you at each of our local stores. They’re often responsible for the first impression we make on potential ALLO customers so they are well versed in our core values (Exceptional, Local, Honest, Hassle-Free). They serve ALLO well by nurturing that first impression and building lasting relationships with our customers by being knowledgeable on a wide-range of our fiber features.

Denise works in our Lincoln store and says, “My goal is to make sure every customer who comes through our doors is heard and given 100% of our attention and care.” She says she loves to learn new things and has diverse background in customer service, community health and fashion design.  Denise decided to join the ALLO team after witnessing the incredible enthusiasm from the community, she wanted to be a part of the excitement of delivering a better service to Lincoln. She says the best of her job is the team-spirited environment, the ongoing support, and friendships being built with her coworkers. Outside of ALLO she loves spending time with her husband Ray, their dog Bear, and visiting her daughter in Kansas. She says she’s most proud of her daughter, “She is an amazing human!”

Kylee works in our North Platte store and has a deep appreciation for the customer experience. She believes being the first line of contact makes a huge impact both on the customer and our ALLO team. She says, “We get to meet people from all walks of life, relationships are built and sometimes friendships develop. I get to learn about people’s lives and that’s very special.” Many of our new customers sign up right in the front office with Kylee and she says she loves the ability to offer better service without the stress of a monthly quota, “This is important to me because then the customer experience is genuine.” From Lincoln to North Platte, Denise and Kylee share a similar love for their work families. Kylee says the North Platte team is very close and recognizes this isn’t common for most businesses today. “I also appreciate that I can go to anyone in the company with thoughts or concerns and feel heard.” Outside of ALLO Kylee says family is everything. She loves spending time with her husband and three kids and is often chasing one of them from dance, to tennis, to track, to football, she definitely knows how to multi-task!

We take first impressions very seriously at ALLO and are so happy to have experts like Denise and Kylee on our side, keeping ALLO exceptional each day.