In an ideal world, ALLO would arrive in new fiber-hungry towns to set up shop, flip a switch, and provide faster, more reliable service to thousands of residents and businesses instantly. The reality is that our team is hard at work many months and sometimes years in advance of anyone ever seeing an ALLO logo in their community. Once planning, design, and engineering are complete, agreements with the city are developed, partnerships with contractors are confirmed, and our construction team finally gets to work. Their first task is to connect a new community to our fiber network by building pathways to several distribution centers. Distribution centers are like the beating heart of our fiber love; this is where we process bandwidth and data and help it flow fiber-fast directly to you. From there they construct more specific and intricate paths from the distribution centers to neighborhoods just like yours. Next, the construction team sends in the splicing crew to separate and fuse the individual fibers that eventually connect directly to your home or business. Once you’ve secured your spot on the installation list, our drop team arrives to connect the fiber from the neighborhood pedestal to your home or business.

Coordinating a fiber drop across railroad tracks.

Ultimately, this is an oversimplified explanation, and each step requires an incredible amount of preparation and coordination with contractors, city officials, and local utilities. Luckily, we’re 100% confident in the team we’ve assembled to handle these massive projects at ALLO. We’ve been building Gigabit-capable communities for over a decade, and while we can’t control the weather or natural obstacles that sometimes get in our way, we do believe the friendly faces behind our construction team are the unsung heroes of fiber optic service.

Will notes no animals were harmed in this fiber cut repair photo

We’re thrilled to introduce you to one of our ALLO construction leaders, Will Smith. Will, Manager of Plant Operations, joined the ALLO family five years ago and has been immersed in telecommunications since 1992.  He became a part of the fiber optic world in 1998 and loves his job! Will chose to be a part of ALLO to be on the cutting edge of something amazing.  Will and his team deserve a shout out for the hours of work they put in behind the scenes  to ensure that fiber connection we all love stays up and running. They spend their time repairing cut cables, pedestals, and cuts due to flooding, pesky rodents, and excavation equipment. Their commitment doesn’t end at 5:00PM, but continues 24/7 as they are always on call and ready to respond to service outages.  Dedication and reliability are a huge part of ALLO’s company values and are demonstrated by Will and his team on a daily basis as they maintain our fiber infrastructure.

We most certainly know how to have fun at ALLO

When we asked Will what he loves most about his job we were thrilled with his answer! He loves the people he works with and speaks highly of them saying, “I interact with many very intelligent and hardworking ALLO personnel every day and the family atmosphere is the best part of this company. What separates us from other companies are the friendships that develop and great working relationships we have with one another. I believe that our leadership has done a remarkable job of making ALLO a fun place to work.”

When you love what you do, it shows, and we feel the love every day from each member of our construction team and hope you do too as you enjoy your ALLO services at home and at work.