When ALLO first opened, we had four employees working in one of the town’s oldest buildings (circa 1919) situated in the heart of one of the largest agricultural communities in Nebraska. 2003 may have seen the first instance of side-eye in our home state; providing fiber-optic service to rural communities sounded like an enormous, impossible task. But to the ALLO team, that was the easy part. We knew the real difference between us, and the other guys would have to be more than superior technology. We set out to be a telecommunications company that actually cared for its customers. Customer focus has been our priority since day one, and now with 36 communities and over 1300 employees, we’re proud to say that hasn’t changed.

ALLO Imperial opened in 2003 but we take our home-grown roots seriously and set up shop in one of the town’s oldest business buildings.


We’re committed to hiring quality candidates who know their tech and understand the care we take to help our customers. We’re pleased to introduce you to two of our business team members, Alex and Christopher.

Alex is a Business Specialist and has been part of the Business Customer Service department in some capacity since her start with ALLO four years ago. She loves the opportunities her position gives her. As Alex describes, “Our team of specialists are project-based with each project having its own unique set of guidelines and goals.” They dig into their projects and identify weaknesses in processes and systems. They are also challenged to innovate and produce creative solutions to help make things more hassle-free for everyone. This team is flexible. One day they’re working on a particular type of project, while another day, it’s something completely different. Alex says they are always “kept on [their] toes.”

Our company’s core values (Local, Honest, Hassle-Free, Exceptional) and how employees try to live them daily are what sets us apart from other telecoms. Alex is incredibly proud to see her colleagues live out our local core value. “We often hear stories of employees being involved in their community and doing good deeds not just when on the clock, but off the clock too,” she said.

Alex is a homebody outside work, trying to get a greener thumb with yardwork or hitting the links for a round of golf. These things and ALLO life will take a backseat for a little while as she and her fiancé expect to welcome a new bundle of joy to their family soon.


Christopher is a Business Specialist out of Scottsbluff. He manages a pool of high-level customer accounts, troubleshoots network issues, and gives our business customers a high level of personable support. At ALLO, we understand that technology is constantly evolving, and Christopher makes sure our team is always providing the most up-to-date information and service to our customers. When it comes to ALLO versus the other guys, Christopher believes our ability to maintain a small company culture even during times of immense growth sets us apart. He notes, “We treat customers like they’re our family or our neighbors. Often, customer feedback is the driving force behind company decisions.”

When he’s not at work, he’s often involved in fire department training, trying something new, and sometimes paying a visit to Top Golf in Denver. He says he’s most proud of serving his community with the Gering volunteer fire department, “I choose this second life because I want to be able to help others. It can be overwhelming but through all of it, you feel accomplished, not just as an individual, but as a team.” We love that Christopher maintains this ambition and team-spirited attitude in his efforts at ALLO, especially when he comes through for us as the man behind the T. rex you might’ve seen on our social media accounts.

Thank you to Alex and Christopher for all you do to keep our business customers with their service.

We’re thrilled to have both of these incredible team members in our ALLO fiber family and thank them for continuing to support our customer-focused model of business.