You may have seen some friendly fiber faces around town recently, so now we’d like to formally introduce ourselves. We are a fiber optic internet, TV, and phone provider that got our start in the small town of Imperial, Nebraska back in 2003. We currently provide wind in your hair speeds to nine communities and, soon, Breckenridge will be taking the 10th spot in our community line up.

On August 21st, we sat down with Mayor Eric Mamula, to discuss why the Town of Breck chose ALLO to manage the network that they are in the process of building. Take a look at what the Mayor of Breckenridge had to say:

We made a name for ourselves by building the fiber optic infrastructure in our communities from scratch. Recently, however, we’ve built some incredible partnerships with new communities like Fort Morgan. Cities across the nation are starting to realize that broadband access is just like any other utility, and growing in importance every day. Much like Fort Morgan, Breckenridge decided to build and own their fiber network and find the right company to support it. That’s where we come in.

Every ALLO community is unique and Breck is no different. From the sprawling scenic views to the short and sweet construction season, we’ve loved every minute of getting to know this town. We understand, this is all very new: new to us, new to the Town of Breck, and especially new to you as a future fiber customer!

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you get a better idea of what’s happening in Breck:

Q: Wait a minute, who is building the network?

A: The town of Breckenridge is building the network and ALLO will be supporting it. If you have questions about how to work your remote or run a speed test, ALLO will be there for you with our 24/7 support team. If you have questions about how the service areas are determined or how the infrastructure is being constructed, the good folks at the Town of Breck will have the answers for you.

Q: What’s so great about fiber?

A: For a seriously connected community with a heavy emphasis on tourism and vacation rentals, fiber’s what you need to stay on top of all your remote devices like thermostats, garage doors, Wi-Fi connected locks, the list goes on. With fiber, data is transmitted in its natural state, light, which means it travels faster and more consistently. Over traditional copper cable, data gets caught up in the interference game which results in slowdowns and signal loss. Need more information? Learn about the benefits of an all-fiber network.

Q: Will construction be happening year-round?

A: Nope! We’re from Nebraska, so we take weather very seriously, and we hear it’s no different in Breck. Once the snow hits, construction crews are more likely to be on the slopes than on the roads.

Q: When will we be able to get service?

A: Although we aren’t building the network, we are in constant communication with Breckenridge about their plans. In the first phase of construction, there will be two areas going live with fiber service as early as October 2019! Check your address in Breckenridge, CO on our fiber construction map. If you’re outside of these two neighborhoods, we recommend signing up for our Breckenridge fiber construction updates through email.

Q: Why are some areas getting ALLO before other areas?

A: The Town of Breckenridge plans to break the fiber construction into phases due to the short construction season and budget considerations. While examining what areas would receive service first, the Town looked at density and the main feeder ring. The core of Town was critical for the main backbone of the network (think Main Street, Ridge Street, and French Street) and, with Wellington being one of the Town’s densest neighborhoods with year-round residents, the Breck Council felt this was a good place to start building the Fiber9600 service network.

Q: What does the pink spray paint on the sidewalks mean?

A: Local contractors may use a variety of markings or flags to identify areas to avoid, think gas lines and other utilities. This is required by law and helps keep everyone safe. We have a handy list that breaks down the usual construction markings on our website.

Q: Am I required to get your service?

A: Don’t get us wrong, we love adding new customers to our fiber family, but our main goal is making sure our communities have options. You don’t have to choose ALLO but if you want your connection to be future-proofed for all the ways our devices and internet needs are evolving, we think a fiber optic connection is the best choice.

Q: How long will it take for construction to be complete?

A: At the moment, the Town of Breckenridge anticipates construction to be completed within five to six years.  This could change as we move farther into the project and better understand the construction process and timeline.

Q: Why do I need to sign up now?

A: Winter is coming. Signing up now, which by the way is $0 and contract-free means we can construct the fiber connection directly to your home before the snow hits. If you wait, there’s a good chance you’ll be buffering and suffering all winter long.

If you didn’t get the answer you were looking for, we’d love to help you find it. Reach out to our team any time or use the resources below to learn more.