Have you seen us around town lately? Our crews have been in the process of building a world-class fiber-optic network for your community. This will completely change the way you experience internet, TV, and phone service at home and at work. You may have a few questions like “What is ALLO? Why are they coming to my town? Why should I switch?” and we’re pretty confident that we have all the answers, so let’s dive in!

We set out to turn the telecommunications game upside down back in 2003 in our Imperial, Nebraska headquarters. A quick Imperial overview for you:

· The cows outnumber the people

· When help is needed – folks show up in this tight-knit town

· Although the population is low – Imperial is chock-full of innovators and people who think GIG

· Did we mention Imperial is a Gigabit community? Thanks to fiber-optics!

Our goal is to make an impact in the communities we serve, enabling residents and businesses to establish economic growth, stay competitive in the business world, and improve the quality of life for all. Currently, there is a major disconnect between folks that have internet access, folks who only have access to unreliable service, and folks who have no connection options at all. And to be honest, we’re not okay with that. That’s why we’re hitting the ground running to turn your community into an ALLO fiberhood, because we know a reliable connection is essential for all.

We are often asked the difference between us and the other guys. The answer is simple; ALLO provides a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers a direct, more dependable, and much faster connection. Through the power of light and fiber-optics, data flows in its natural state – faster. Fiber means you won’t suffer with buffer like you do over old copper wiring and coax connections. During your ALLO installation, you will notice we run a fiber-optic line from our pedestal, directly up to your home. While sharing is a kind gesture, we think your connection is definitely something to be a little selfish about. With ALLO your connection is all yours and peak usage times and evening slowdowns are not a part of the equation.

You may have noticed an announcement event in your community, a press release in the local paper, or even seen a digital party on social media about ALLO coming to town. After we make the big announcement, you can be sure you will be seeing a lot more ALLO faces around. We believe in being local, getting involved, and creating lasting partnerships for shared success. And we like to do all of this with as little hassle as possible which is why we put your town on the ALLO map right away. While other providers might bury their construction information and hide their pricing, we think all this information should be easy to find. Plus, you have the option to join our email list for regular updates on service availability, upcoming events, and ALLO giveaways (they happen every month!).

Ready to unlock the future of working, gaming, and streaming on an unbeatable fiber-optic connection? We would love to help you join the #FiberFam. Call our friendly team at 866-481-2556 or send us a message on social media. As always, there are no contracts, pesky fine print, or gimmicky pricing. What you see on our website is what you get on your bill, no surprises included. Installation is always free, and we even include a top-of-the-line, Wi-Fi 6 powered router with our standard 500 Mbps, 1 GIG, and 2.3 GIG service options. And in case you have questions, our 24/7 local support team is here for you and always happy to help.

We hope to see you around town, at our local store, or at any of our events in the community. We can’t wait to meet you!