Message from Allo’s President


Question – Why Can’t I Get Service at My Location?


This question is the top challenge for Allo and me.  Allo is working diligently to connect as many people as possible across all our fiber communities.  However, Allo’s fiber does not reach everyone.  Why is that?


Allo’s Fiber is across the street so surely I can get Allo’s service – Unfortunately, if Allo has not completed the fiber connections in your alley or easement, we cannot serve you until the fiber is completed.  Sometimes there are issues with easements, routes, or, as we have experienced this cold year, weather that delays construction.


Why did Allo build to my friend but not me?  As my mom used to tell me, someone is first and someone else is last.  It’s not always fair.  What really drives the order of Allo’s construction is engineering and ease of construction.  The hardest routes usually are completed after the easiest.  Additionally, the areas closest to where the engineers placed the fiber center are constructed before the areas at the edge of town.


I was told that my area would be live by now – Allo estimates construction time frames and the order that construction will occur to the best of our ability, but sometimes our estimates are incorrect.  Our goal is to substantially construct  all areas in the city limits of Alliance, Bridgeport, Gering, North Platte, Ogallala, and Scottsbluff by the end of 2016.  Construction in Lincoln is ongoing and expected to complete by 2020. I hope that we can make it, but can make no promises.  The construction effort is still 100’s of miles of fiber.


I truly appreciate everyone’s interest in Allo services.  Hopefully, this letter answers some of your questions regarding why we don’t have service to everyone.





Brad Moline

Allo President