Trucks on the curb. Roadside digging. Traffic detours. Workers invading your quiet neighborhood. Although we do our best to minimize disruptions, we understand that the fiber construction process can be a noisy inconvenience.

Improving any infrastructure — from internet networks to public roads — can be frustrating at the time, but in the long run the outcome is worth the temporary disruptions. As our fiber fam works hard to bring our world-class fiber internet, TV, and phone services to your community, we wanted to take a few minutes to look ahead and consider all the value fiber brings.

Fostering Work Opportunities

For starters, fiber facilitates opportunities to have a reliable internet connection, whether working at home or in the office. This provides more options to the people who live in our fiberhoods while also enabling more people to move here and contribute to the local economy.

A hybrid working environment has expanded exponentially over the past several years. To be productive at work and home, community members need a reliable way to stay connected no matter where they work. Not only is fiber internet reliable, but it also has the speed and bandwidth necessary to make video calling clear and dependable, dramatically reducing the frustration so many individuals have felt in the past.

Energizing Economic Growth

Of course, the economic value of fiber internet extends well beyond working opportunities! The community’s entire economy is improved by having access to future-proofed internet.

Existing businesses are more efficient and can compete with companies in any major metropolitan area around the world. That’s because ALLO’s fiber internet is as fast as the internet of any large city.

Having fiber internet helps attract new business investment to the area, too — and with it, more jobs. Fiber has a “multiplier” effect on our local economy. Each new business and job that is attracted to the community because of fiber encourages other businesses, spreading economic growth across the region, helping the town grow and flourish.

Improving the Value and Security of Your Home

As fiber internet is the most sought-after form of high-speed internet in America today, having ALLO Fiber’s internet also increases the value of your home.

Indeed, one study indicates that having fiber internet can increase the value of a home by 3.1%! For the average-priced home in America, that could be a difference worth many thousands of dollars.

High-speed fiber internet also helps protect your investment by keeping your home safer, too. Smart home technology has advanced considerably over the past several years. Smart cameras and doorbells can prevent “porch pirates,” smart lighting adds visibility at night and deters trespassers, and security systems can alert you and emergency services if disaster strikes while you’re away.

Facilitating Home Health Care 

The technology enabled by fiber internet protects your home and the people inside it, too. The innovations in telehealth in recent years make getting health care, including urgent care, faster and easier than ever before.

A reliable internet service with fiber lets you speak one-on-one with your physician and other health care providers from home, making many health consultations much quicker and more efficient. These at-home telehealth sessions can even save you from unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office in the first place!

Telehealth isn’t just for conveniently treating the common cold, either. With a sufficiently strong internet connection, home health video conferences can provide better ongoing care and monitoring for those with chronic health conditions.

Improving the Community and Providing Educational Resources

Beyond the walls of your home, the pillars of the community benefit from fiber’s incredible speeds and generous bandwidth, too. Public schools can provide extra learning resources for all students and teachers. Public libraries can offer increased research capacity, media, and programs. Community centers for seniors and youth can extend their outreach through skills-building and hobby workshops. Emergency services can respond more quickly and accurately when needed.

Fiber internet does far more than just help an individual family enjoy their home or a small business get the job done. At its core, fiber in our community is just as important as other vital infrastructure such as roads and electricity.

Competitive Gaming and Esports

Finally, fiber’s many advantages extend to the vast world of online gaming. Whether enjoyed solo or with friends or other competitors, online gaming has become a hugely popular pastime in America. Our sophisticated fiber technology has all the bandwidth and extraordinary speeds to prevent lag, crashes, and other delays that plague online gaming, ensuring the best possible gaming experience.

While this may seem frivolous compared to other examples above, gaming isn’t only about having fun or passing the time. Esports (competitive video gaming in leagues and tournaments) has become a booming enterprise, turning ordinary online gaming into a serious sport.

Esports can open up exciting opportunities for the next generation. To date, more than 30 colleges and universities offer esports scholarships to talented gamers, some of which reach into the tens of thousands of dollars per year! From there, graduates can even find a career in many gaming-related fields.

Get Connected!

As we continue to build out fiber in our town, we’re excited about all the possibilities this technology will bring and we hope you agree! To find out when service will be ready in your community, please visit or call 866.481.2556 today.