Our blog series continues, and this week we’re tipping our hats to the Residential Customer Experience Team. Sometimes referred to as CSRs, angels in disguise, or ALLO trivia masters, we believe they are the reason ALLO is held in such high esteem by our customers. While all our departments have some level of customer interaction, the Residential Customer Experience Team handles most of the communication with our fiber family. And we truly believe our customers are just that: family, friends, and neighbors, never a number or a nuisance. We depend on this team to be the understanding, knowledgeable, and reliable workforce we’ve built our brand around, so we’re pleased to introduce two members of the group, Michelle and Tanner.

Michelle started her journey as a residential CSR working with our Scottsbluff support team. At that time, she helped manage our online chat system, assisted customers living in retirement homes in our communities, and trained our residential staff. Originally from New Mexico, Michelle transitioned to the Nebraska Good Life in 2008. She immediately applied at ALLO after speaking to fellow team member, Kelsey.

“I heard so many good things about ALLO, and all of them still hold true today,” she said.

She grew into her new role as a Residential Customer Experience Specialist Supervisor in 2017. She ensures we have enough staff coverage to accommodate our call volume and day-to-day tasks.
“What excites me is how much this company is growing and has grown in the last several years,” she said. “I’m extremely proud to be part of the residential team as we grow and enjoy finding efficiencies to help our team be successful!”

Michelle has a lot of love for her ALLO family and says that her favorite part of each workday is helping customers as a natural problem solver. She’s a committed fitness buff who loves the gym and being outdoors and picks Bora Bora as the place she’d fly to at a moment’s notice (can we come too, Michelle!?).

Tanner is a South Dakota native who loves to tinker with things: cars, electronics; you name it!

“I don’t think I’m capable of standing still or not doing something,” he said. “Figuring out how something works and how to fix it or modify it is, strangely, fun for me.”

His goal in life is to be better than he was the day before. He brought this motto to fruition first as a CSR and now as a Residential Customer Experience Supervisor. Tanner has a talent for developing business-wide processes, refining procedures, and rolling out new systems.

“Personally, my greatest accomplishments might be some of the things I have been able to help create and make life easier for employees and customers,” he said. “Ultimately, it is watching the people I have had the great privilege to work with or who report to me rise in the company and excel in their new roles. It’s something amazing to watch and be a part of, as people realize and unleash their true potential.”

Outside of work, he betters himself by reading, listening to podcasts, and brushing up on historical events. Like Michelle, he’s a fitness buff who finds it rewarding to grow healthier and stronger physically. He says it’s also a great stress relief mechanism in his busy life.

Each of our team members offers unique insight and undeniable dedication to their work to make the ALLO greater. We’re so pleased to be able to recognize the assets Michelle and Tanner offer. We want to thank them and the entire Residential Customer Experience Team for keeping ALLO honest, exceptional, local, and hassle-free each day.