Enhancing Communication for Over 20 Years

Effective communication is the heartbeat of a business. Business Voice services go beyond simple conversations; they are the conduit for collaboration, productivity, and connectivity. Discover the ALLO advantage with our tailored voice solutions.

Reliable Connectivity, Clear Communication

ALLO Business Voice ensures reliable and crystal-clear communication, fostering flawless interactions within your team and with your clients. Plus, say goodbye to dropped calls and staticky background noise.

Scalability Tailored to Your Growth

We understand that businesses evolve. ALLO’s voice solutions are designed with scalability in mind, adapting to the changing needs of your enterprise. Whether you’re a startup or an established corporation, our voice services grow with you.

Integrated Collaboration for Efficiency

Beyond basic voice services, we offer integrated collaboration features that enhance efficiency. From advanced call management in our Cloud Voice to seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, ALLO Business Voice is designed to elevate your team’s collaborative capabilities.

Features that Redefine Communication Excellence

At ALLO Business, we redefine the way you communicate and collaborate. Explore the features that set our Business Voice apart, enhancing your communication experience and empowering your business to reach new heights.

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Incoming Call Manager

Take control of your incoming calls with customized call routing and manageable call queues, and ensure that every call is directed to the right person or department efficiently.

Premium Auto Attendant

Create a professional and efficient call experience for your callers with ALLO’s premium auto attendant. Deliver a polished first impression and streamline call routing with customizable greetings and options.

Multiline Hunt Groups

Enhance call distribution and availability with ALLO’s Multiline Hunt Groups. Optimize call handling across multiple lines, ensuring that calls are efficiently distributed to available team members.

One Shared/Group Voicemail

Simplify voicemail management with ALLO’s One Shared/Group Voicemail. Your team can better stay connected and informed with centralized voicemails for easy access and collaboration.

Managed Router with Stateful Firewall

ALLO Voice Solutions comes with a managed router featuring a stateful firewall, enhancing your network security. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your voice communication is supported by a secure and optimized network infrastructure.

And More

ALLO Voice Solutions goes beyond these key features, offering a comprehensive suite of voice features designed to meet the diverse needs of your business communication. From call recording to voicemail transcription, we provide the tools to boost your communication strategy.

Choose the Voice Solution that Fits Your Business

Explore the possibilities of ALLO’s Voice Solutions and choose what best aligns with your business communication needs. Whether you prioritize cloud flexibility, traditional reliability, or Microsoft Teams integration, we have the perfect solution for your enterprise.

Cloud Voice from ALLO Business

Cloud Voice

Step into the future of business communication with Cloud Voice from ALLO Business. Our Hosted Voice solution brings the power of the cloud to your voice communication, offering a feature-rich platform. Enjoy advanced call management, flexibility, and flawless communication experience that grows with your business.

Microsoft Teams Voice available from ALLO Business

Microsoft Teams Voice

Integrate your voice communication seamlessly with Microsoft Teams through ALLO Business. Our Teams Voice solution enhances your collaboration experience, allowing you to make and receive calls directly within the Microsoft Teams interface. A one-stop shop for chatting, virtual meetings, calendars, and so much more.

Analog Voice solutions from ALLO Business

Analog Voice

For businesses seeking a reliable and straightforward voice solution, ALLO Business presents Analog Voice. With Analog Voice, enjoy the simplicity of traditional phone lines with clear, dependable connections. This option is ideal for businesses that value a straightforward approach to communication.

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We understand you need more than just communication products; you need a local partner, which is why we know you will love our 24/7 exceptional support and future-proof technology. Explore our full suite of cutting edge technologies for businesses of all sizes across our communities.

Business Internet and Data from ALLO Business

Business Internet and Data

Transform your business with ALLO Business Internet and Data services. Experience high-speed connectivity, dedicated data solutions, and unparalleled reliability. Sign up today and unlock the power of a seamless connection for your enterprise.


Security is not just a feature; it’s a strategy. ALLO’s Cybersecurity goes beyond reactive measures, offering strategic security planning that aligns with your business goals. Our experts work with you to create a tailored security roadmap for sustained protection.

Technology Solutions provided by ALLO Business

Technology Solutions

Ready to transform your business through cutting-edge technology? Explore our IT Managed Services and discover how ALLO can optimize your IT infrastructure, enhance security, and unlock new opportunities for growth. Elevate your technology landscape with ALLO Business today.

Take it from our Customers

ALLO provides the best service available for us. We need to answer any of our customer needs by phone or email. And all of our machines get their products to produce through the internet. I'm impressed with the people all around at ALLO. We love working with them as a customer and we love the service they provide.

Lori Ashmore Co-Owner, Eagle Printing and Sign

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