Local governments all over the country are learning that high-speed internet availability is essential to a community's liveliness.

As technology evolves, businesses and residents are demanding more advanced, faster, and reliable broadband.

Fiber delivers the bandwidth to do it all

With the speed, capacity, and durability to meet communities' needs for decades to come.

These capabilities dramatically improve how a community's businesses, schools, and medical offices operate and how people live and communicate, impacting a community's growth and ability to be economically vibrant.

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Creating "GIG" communities

ALLO began building its first fiber networks in 2003, and today provides services in 42 cities across the Midwest .

Cities Served
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By constructing an individual fiber to every home and business, ALLO's all-fiber networks provide our communities with some of the fastest internet speeds in the country, unmatched broadband, and superior video and telephone services.

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We are passionate about working with forward-thinking communities that take a proactive approach to bring better connectivity to their residents and businesses.

If you are a leader in your community, such as a City Administrator, Economic Development Director, or other local elected official, and are interested in bringing ALLO to your city, we'd love to talk with you.

Here is what we need from you to get the ball rolling:

Why do you want ALLO to come to your community?

We want to know the driving factors behind bringing fiber to your city. What are the problems you wish to solve in your community?

The reasons for investing in an all-fiber network are numerous and can include:

  • Improving connectivity and internet speeds
  • Providing a competitive advantage for attracting businesses, residents, and visitors to your community
  • Increasing competition among service providers
  • Promoting commercial and residential growth and stimulating economic development
  • Improving city services and public safety communications
  • Enabling Smart City technology and innovation throughout the community

The ALLO team will meet with you to discuss the community's needs, as well as your goals and desired outcomes for building a fiber network. We can also talk through concerns you may have, such as balancing risk and navigating funding options.

City Data

ALLO can provide an initial feasibility analysis to determine the viability of constructing a fiber network in your community. An integral part of the analysis includes learning about the layout of your city and reviewing various data, which we will need you to provide, including:

  • City Infrastructure
  • GIS Information
  • City-owned Assets
  • Utilities

ALLO's City Checklist includes best practices and details on the specific items needed for an initial assessment. We will be happy to review this checklist with you and answer any questions along the way.

Once the feasibility analysis is complete, we'll meet with you to discuss the results, including opportunities, challenges, and the estimated construction cost. This data and insight will allow you to make an educated decision on the best course of action.

Download City Checklist

Ready to bring fiber to your city?

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